The days getting shorter and the woolly jumpers and coats making a reappearance mean only one thing: autumn’s here. While there’s nothing prettier than seeing the streets of London under a carpet of golden browns, I’m happy to resist the increasingly cold weather for as long as possible.

If you’d like get some last-minute sunshine, these 5 choices will help top up your vitamin D.

Last chance sunshine in October

Hot in October – Murcia, Spain

Spain’s an obvious choice for me for so many reasons. Not only do I fall deeper in love with the country every time I visit, I adore the people, language, weather and culture.

La Manga

Approximately 75km from Alicante, Murcia is on the south-eastern coast of Spain. With sunshine all year round and over 200 beaches to choose from, Murcia’s a natural autumn getaway choice.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Since Dubrovnik emerged as a promising destination, this Croatian coastal city only continues to grow in popularity.

Dubrovnik beach

Reasonable prices, with architectural sights from the Renaissance period and a stunning coastline on the Adriatic sea to match. Oh yes, it’s easy to see why Dubrovnik’s a good choice for some Autumn sunshine.

Antalya, Turkey

Located on the Turkish Riviera, Antalya was crowned the third most visited city in the world in 2012. Three hundred plus days of sunshine, plus history dating back to the 3rd century BC makes Antalya a firm favourite.

Autumn sunshine - Antalya

Jump on the cable car to catch spectacular sights from the peak of Mount Tatali. Alternatively, hire a jeep safari to get to the waterfalls and lakes. For further exploration, take a day trip to the idyllic fishing village of Kas, and make everyone jealous with your photos back home.

Akamas Peninsula, Cyprus

Despite the financial crisis in Cyprus, this hasn’t stopped travelers from heading to the small Mediterranean country. The Akamas Peninsula on the country’s west coast boasts October temperatures around 82F (28C).

Autumn sunshine - Akamas

Akamas offers a more serene experience. Here, travelers can appreciate the natural beauty of the landscape, and the phrase ‘chilling out’ takes on a whole new meaning. Those looking to get fit while taking in the sights can opt for a cycling holiday. Cycle-in-Cyprus is a good choice for seeing the country on your favorite bike.

5. Fes, Morocco

October’s still a good time to get plenty of sunshine in Morocco. In the northern city of Fes, the temperature’s still warm enough to see all the sights of the old medina without breaking into an unsightly sweat.

Autumn sunshine - tannery

Grab a delicious Moroccan lunch, or western dish, at Cafe Clock. Browse the many markets and get a bargain, and don’t forget to see the interesting, yet smelly, tannery!

Lisa R sitting in a wicker chair

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