Images of Dubrovnik

Visiting Dubrovnik in October turned out to be one of the best travel decisions I ever made. While I’m very much an amateur photographer, it was a creative pleasure taking images of Dubrovnik.

I tried to capture the energy of the place as much as possible in my images, and without too many tourists. It was quite a challenge attempting this in October, but with patience and persistent, you’ll get the shots you want.

My escapade to Dubrovnik was so spectacular beyond anything I’d expected. That said, photos do a better job than me when it comes to showing off this gem of a coastal city. 

Photo essay Dubrovnik

I hope you enjoy my photo collage of charming Dubrovnik. Have you ever been? If so, do let me know your thoughts below. Planning to visit? If yes, here’s hoping my photos will inspire you somewhat. Happy travels!


Photo essay Dubrovnik - Old Town streets

The shiny streets of Old Town, and with few tourists













Photo essay Dubrovnik - Church

Look out for the churches in Old Town


Photo essay Dubrovnik - church tower

…And the church towers too


Photo essay Dubrovnik - traditional woman

Tradition is still alive in Dubrovnik Old Town


Photo essay Dubrovnik - stone structures

There are many intricate stone details


Photo essay Dubrovnik - steps

Be sure to wear comfortable shoes



Photo essay Dubrovnik - shadow buildings

Plenty of buildings to photograph and practice your skills





Photo essay Dubrovnik - houses

Houses just outside Old Town, not a bad view!



Photo essay Dubrovnik - side streets

Have fun getting lost in the side streets





Photo essay Dubrovnik - side alleys

Every alleyway leads somewhere beautiful…
Photo essay Dubrovnik - restaurants

Dubrovnik Old Town is great for Al Fresco dining






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