The journey from Copenhagen to Malmo in Sweden by bus takes 40-minutes from the Danish capital. It’s a must if you have time, if only to ride across the striking Øresund Bridge.


I’m writing this to offer useful advice to other travelers planning on making the same trip. There are some things to be aware of to ensure a smoother experience than the one I had.

Booking a ticket from Copenhagen to Malmo is the easy part. Nettbuss or Swebus are the two main operators and return tickets are usually similar, if not the same, in price. They range from 49 (€7/$7/£5) to 59 (€8/$8/£6) DKK )* depending on what day, and time, you travel.


Taking the bus from Copenhagen to Malmo

If you assumed you could buy your ticket in the main central station,  Copenhagen (København), you’d assume wrong. Save a journey and book online instead. I was also advised by a worker at the station that the bus for Malmo didn’t depart from Copenhagen. Again, this is wrong – it does. I don’t know whether I caught this station worker on a bad day, but their advice only added to the confusion.

Copenhagen to Malmo – Nettbuss


Copenhagen to Malmo by bus - NettbussNettbuss – better on board

After booking our bus (Netbuss) tickets online, we had to find the street where the bus would be departing from. The map showed that the closest metro station was Dybbølsbro (one station after Copenhagen) – but not that far away.

The next day began on a freezing note. The snowfall was becoming heavier as we made our way to the metro station. On exiting Dybbølsbro station, a mini snowstorm had picked up strength. A mixture of sleet, snow and rain tried hard to block us from making the 9 am bus. The lack of signage from the station made the job of locating the bus stop even harder.

It was only after the advice of a local person that my friend and I spotted a number of buses lined up in the distance. There was zero street sign of the name, Ingerslevgade, but we were beyond the point of caring. The snow, wind and rain was beginning to erase any feeling left in our face and feet. Our only objective at this time was to get to the bus stop, and fast.


The moment we found our stop, our faces dropped upon realising how close we were to København station. And when I say close, I mean around 100ft to the entrance. Suffice it to say, we weren’t pleased. That morning journey would have been far simpler if we’d received the correct advice from the start. On our return from Malmo, and on entering Copenhagen station, we still couldn’t believe how near the bus stop was.

Copenhagen to Malmo by bus – Crossing the Bron or Broen

Crossing the Bron or Broen – lessons learned

In spite of the bumpy start to the trip, it was still a thoroughly enjoyable day and worth doing. To sum up my experience, these are my top tips:

  • Buy tickets online: with Google Translate, it’s quite easy to book. Swebus does have an English version of the website. 
  • Go to Copenhagen station: If I haven’t made it clear enough, it’s the closest station to reach the bus stop. If you take the train, don’t go to the main exit (where all the restaurants and ticket office is located). Instead, leave from the train platform that leads to the main road. Ingerslevgade is literally across the road once you walk up the stairs. A line of buses will also be a dead giveaway you’re in the right place.
  • Don’t forget your passport or ID card: Denmark and Sweden may both be within the Schengen area, but you still need a form of identification to cross the borders. In my experience, our ID was only checked once we’d reached the Swedish side. Nonetheless, with the increasing refugee situation happening in Europe, it’s clear that Sweden is strengthening its border control.
  • Arrive earlier than later: The bus from Copenhagen to Malmo never departs on time. This was the advice given by one bus driver as we frantically searched for the Nettbuss stop. He was right. The 9 am bus left around 9:15, so don’t worry if you reach the stop and see no bus – unless you’re super late of course. On our return however, the bus arrived on the dot, so it pays to arrive at least 15 minutes before the scheduled departure.

Till next time, happy bus travels!

*Prices correct at the time of travel

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Copenhagen to Malmo

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