My favorite season means one thing when traveling: getting all my travel beauty essentials. Gone are the big coats, the multiple layers and the Michelin Man look. In its place are bare legs, bare arms and bare feet! While summer equals many pluses, it also means more exposure to the elements.

When it comes to choosing travel beauty essentials, where do you go for information on the latest buys? Online, offline, celebrity endorsements or by word-of-mouth –  it can be difficult knowing where to begin.  

I’m continuously on the lookout for products that actually work and are ideal for traveling. There are plenty of articles out there covering this subject, but these picks are solely my own. No sponsorships, no endorsements, just some of the travel beauty essentials I love and actually use. Most of the products, bar one or 2, are unisex, meaning boys, this one’s for you too.

Travel beauty essentials


I’ve yet to meet anyone who is as mad about SPF-based products as I am. Come rain, shine, sleet or snow, it’s the one thing I never leave the house without.

NB My skin is normal/combination, with the occasional oily t-zone in hot temperatures.

Flashpacker travel beauty: DIORSNOW UV shield brightening illuminating UV protection pearly white SPF50

DIORSNOW UV shield brightening illuminating UV protection pearly white SPF50

1)  DIORSNOW UV shield brightening illuminating UV protection pearly white SPF50 – PA+++

I first came across this product while traveling through Changi Airport in Singapore. Skin whitening products are normal in this part of the world, and though the label ‘whitening’ may sound controversial, it isn’t.

‘Skin whitening’ is simply another term for skin brightening. This means it protects your face from UV rays while giving you a gorgeous glow.

I first purchased it in 2009 and honestly haven’t looked back since. The small 40ml bottle lasts so long, and you only need a small amount as it’s rather concentrated. Be sure to blend in properly after moisturizing to avoid the Casper ghost look, and apply an hour before sun exposure. DIORSNOW UV Shield is SPF 50 and contains Icelandic Glacial water (if that means anything to you). For me, all I know is that it works, and my face is protected.

Benefits: SPF 50, 40ml compact size.


2) Arbonne Liquid Sunshine (for body)

I first realised that my skin reacted badly to strong sunlight during a trip to Paros. Despite the high SPF sun lotion I applied religiously, my skin would break out in heat rashes, leaving painful red marks (neck, underarms).

Then, I finally found a product that protects my skin, and doesn’t irritate it like the other brands. Another plus is that this lotion doesn’t react when I take a dip in the chlorine-filled pool or a swim in the salt water sea.

Flashpacker travel beauty: Arbonne Liquid Sunshine

Arbonne Liquid Sunshine

Arbonne Liquid Sunshine is SPF 30, water/sweat resistant and made from a mineral sunscreen formula. It contains zinc oxide that protects from UVA/UVB rays, and the botanical extracts moisturize the skin without leaving it feeling greasy. The bottle’s only available in 148ml size, so I’d recommend transferring to a 100ml plastic pump bottle to carry it in hand luggage.

Benefits: Good for sensitive skin, 30SPF, non-greasy, moisturizing

3) Korres shower gel

I’ve a lot to thank Greece for. As well as having the best time there, I was also introduced to the Greek brand, Korres. Its formulations are based on natural ingredients, which is evident in the smell and results of the products.

Flashpacker travel beauty: Korres shower gel in Santorini Vine

Korres shower gel in Santorini Vine

I went a little Korres overboard when departing Athens airport but it was totally worth it. Reasonably priced, and long-lasting, I bought several things including the Santorini Vine collection and the Bergamot Pear shower gel. Both have a fresh, natural fragrance that evokes happy memories of Greek summer days and warm muggy nights.

Benefits: Available in 40ml size, natural ingredients, clean smelling fragrance


4) Ojon rare blend oil

I can’t stress how much I love this product. Ojon rare blend oil is for me the hands down winner when it comes to hair oils. A handy size at 45ml, this product as it says on the bottle really is ‘total hair therapy’. The color of the oil ranges from a watermelon red at the bottom to golden yellow at the top. You need to shake it vigorously to activate the two colored oils.

Flashpacker travel beauty: Ojon rare blend oil

Ojon rare blend oil

Just one small drop can tame frizz, boost moisture, and add natural healthy shine. It’s also a handy pre-treatment for blow drying or straightening hair. Prices vary according to your country of residence.

Benefits: Available in 45ml size, all-in-one for conditioning and moisturizing hair, non-greasy.

5) Organic ColourSystems shampoos

Flashpacker travel beauty: Organic Colour Systems Powerbuild shampoo

Organic Colour Systems Powerbuild shampoo

If you share the many joys of maintaining long hair in extreme heat, you’ll love this product. The Organic ColourSystems range has been a firm favorite of mine for 2 years, particularly the PowerBuild shampoo.

It contains organic sunflower seed extract and natural extracts of lemon, apple and green tea, all of which are proven to strengthen and repair hair. What’s more, the combined ingredients leave hair shiny, supple and improves color retention.

Benefits: organic ingredients, ideal for any hair type, gives you soft, shiny hair.


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Travel beauty essentials


Travel beauty essentials

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