6 ways that that travel bloggers can have a holiday


The first thing most people think when you tell them you’re a travel blogger, is that your life must be one big constant adventure of traveling and living an epic dream of an existence.

In actual fact, the term ‘travel blogger holiday’, is in essence, an oxymoron.

The reality is, that while there are many perks to being a travel blogger, there’s never a moment when you feel you can truly switch off.

From organizing the next trip, to attending travel blogger events, and actually getting to write the content itself, there’s really little rest in our world.

Most people wrongly assume that every trip a travel blogger takes is a holiday, which I can totally confirm is a fallacy. Once you enter the world of the travel blogger, the word holiday can easily become a non-existent one.


Travel blogger holiday – does it exist?

In the days before smartphones, social media and of course blogging, I knew 100% how to have, and enjoy, my holidays.

It’s a somewhat sad admission that most travel bloggers probably share, as our minds are geared to thinking about content first, enjoyment second.  

At the end of the day, being a travel blogger is wonderful, and gives us a platform whereby we can share our experiences, good and bad, with others.

So, if you’re wondering how you can have a holiday and leave the laptop/tablet and yes even smartphone in the hotel, this one’s for you!

Go somewhere you’ve been before

If you frequently visit a city/destination on an annual basis, chances are your opportunities for content will be less, given that you’ve already visited.

Take my example. As a frequent visitor to Chicago, I’m so familiar with the city that I spend less time thinking about new posts and photos. Instead, I can appreciate the small details, such as the architecture, or a new part of the city I didn’t see before. 

Suffice it to say, there’s bound to be something new in the city/neighborhood that’s popped up since your last visit. However, the key is to remind yourself that it’s your holiday. This way, you can only capture things that you really love, and not because it will look good on your Instagram!

Take a good camera, leave the laptop/phone/go-pro/tablet in the hotel

Hands up, who here takes every techy gadget they have when going on a trip? I’ll own up to this myself, as there’s nothing worse than being unprepared while traveling, especially when you see a good shot.

However, if you really want to enjoy your holiday, try bringing a proper camera instead. My mini digital SLR takes beautiful shots, but there’s zero temptation of wanting to upload to my social media channels.

Most of us now have an excellent built-in camera in our smartphone, but this only increases the likelihood of posting.

Instead, go old school, and take your trusty camera. You’ll not only have some good photos, but you may even find a renewed passion for some post production editing.

Luxury experience in Vienna - Vienna State Opera
Luxury experience in Vienna - Vienna State Opera

“…being a travel blogger is wonderful, and gives us a platform whereby we can share our experiences, good and bad, with others.”


Travel blogger holiday

Go to a remote area with little to none connection

This next one may sound a little out there, but hear me out. Have you ever been to a place that was so remote you couldn’t get any service/reception for hours?

I have, and believe me, it was one of the most memorable experiences. The location was Bali, when visiting the jaw-dropping Uluwatu Temple. Not only did my phone have zero connectivity, but so too did my camera (!).

Needless to say, connectivity was the least of my concerns. Being at that altitude and seemingly far from the rest of the world is one memory I hope stays lodged in my brain forever.

Go on a trip with friends/family/partner

Going on a trip with friends, family or your partner can really help you to focus on enjoying your holiday, and not think about work.

Having to follow someone else’s itinerary is never a bad thing. In fact, it lets you enjoy just being a regular tourist, which is something I miss at times!

Being surrounded by loved ones also means the chance to take personal photos, ie endless selfies, as opposed to something for your social media feed.

Go for a celebration

Whether the occasion’s a wedding, birthday or bachelor/ette party, there’s pretty much no time to even think about work.

Not only that, how rude would it look if you were busy photographing the architecture of the wedding venue, rather than carry out your bridesmaid/groomsman duties?!

In these cases, the celebration comes first, and the location is truly the backdrop, meaning you can enjoy your holiday.

Be present

Since the age of every social media app appearing on our smartphones, I think we can all agree that we’ve become less present in our real lives.

Think about the number of times you’ve seen people at a table in a restaurant communicating on their phones, than with each other? It’s become all too common, and is something I try to avoid.

Luxury experience in Vienna - Kunsthistorisches Museum

“…when we miss out on the unique landscapes and vistas that are right in front of us, we’re ultimately missing out on the best part of this ‘job’: the experiences.”


While our duty as travel bloggers is to write about our experiences, the good hotels, the bad restaurants, the must-see sights, it’s also important that we don’t neglect ourselves in the process.

For when we miss out on the unique landscapes and vistas that are right in front of us, we’re ultimately missing out on the best part of this ‘job’: the experiences.

So allow yourself the time to have a holiday and to truly enjoy it. After all, work will always be there, but the same can’t be said for the experience.

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