Why every flashpacker needs to try the Four Seasons Toronto Bamboo/Asian fusion massage

‘The Bamboo/Asian fusion massage can get quite intense, but I can control that!’

Those were the first words I heard from my therapist Jeff, before beginning the 1-hour treatment.

Without meaning any disrespect whatsoever to the previous massages I’ve had in the past, the Four Seasons Bamboo/Asian fusion massage may just be the BEST I’ve ever had. And I’ve had a lot of massages!

For me, there are several essential criteria that a good massage has to complete, and this one unsurprisingly ticks them all.

A bamboo fusion massage experience at Four Seasons Hotel Toronto

The surroundings

Being the Four Seasons, you can only imagine the high standard of décor and design within its grand 4 walls. Before continuing, I’ve got to mention a quick word about the building itself.

Four Seasons Toronto is in one of the plushest parts of town, Yorkville. You can find the hotel at 60 Yorkville Avenue and the intersection of Bay Street. Signage indicating it’s the Four Seasons, at least from the Bay Street side, is minimal. By this, I mean, you have to walk straight up to the front entrance, or actually inside to confirm you’re in the right place! Once inside, it’s the classic elegant surroundings you always expect from the luxury hotel chain.

The spa itself is a tranquil haven of subtle granite greys, creams and halo-white tones. In the communal spa lounge area are generously-sized ‘sit-on-me’ sofas. Glossy magazines, and tempting, yet healthy, spa refreshments add to the experience.

The first step

Following the usual procedure of filling out a health questionnaire — which by the way you do from the ultra-chilled relaxation area — I met my therapist Jeff.

Warm, friendly and professional from the first greeting, I followed him into my treatment room. Soft dim lighting, and a perfect temperature welcomed me as we sat down for a brief consultation before beginning the treatment.

In truth, I was slightly nervous upon seeing the bamboo stick / rolling pin waiting on the bed. However, the warming scent of the oils quickly removed any apprehension.

Attention to detail is bar none

There’s nothing that wasn’t taken care of during the Four Seasons Toronto Bamboo/Asian fusion massage. Jeff went through the standard questions, such as asking about the temperature of the room, to which pressure I wanted for the massage.

The extra details came when I could choose an oil of my choice. I settled upon the ‘Spring renewal lavender and amber’ oil. It’s not only calming and an antioxidant, but it also works well with bamboo.

For a real first in any massage experience, Jeff then asked whether I liked the music that was playing! I’m not sure why this impressed me, but it did. I settled upon the current ‘Spa sleep and dream’ playlist, before Jeff left the room so I could prepare myself.  

Luxury experience in Vienna - Vienna State Opera
Luxury experience in Vienna - Vienna State Opera

“For me, there are several essential criteria that a good massage has to complete, and this one unsurprisingly ticks them all.”


Luxury experience in Vienna - Burggarten
Luxury experience in Vienna - Burggarten

What to expect

If you’re looking for a massage that focuses purely on relaxation and aromatherapy, then the Four Seasons Toronto Bamboo/Asian fusion massage isn’t for you!

My over-stretched imagination was expecting to be covered in a form of bamboo oil-scented leaves, followed by a relaxing massage, but this wasn’t the case.

The treatment’s originally from Costa Rica, and was brought to Four Seasons Toronto for a taste of something slightly exotic! It’s really designed to pinpoint pressure points and to eradicate any aches and knots in the body.

Jeff applied warm oil to the bamboo stick / rolling pin, and worked hard to massage away all of my aches, pains and stresses. Even without experiencing this type of massage, I could tell by his technique that he knew exactly which areas to target.

If I’m honest, there were some times when I winced and squirmed from the intensity. However, Jeff always asked to check I was okay, and softened the pressure whenever requested.

He ended the treatment with a more than welcome mini head massage, sending me further into a peaceful slumber. By the end of the 1 hour, I was so relaxed and happy in the heated bed, that it was extremely difficult to get up!

Once it’s over… 

Though I would have happily liked the treatment to continue for another hour, Jeff took me back to the relaxation room. Here, I lay back into the strangely comfortable curved lounge chairs, and sipped on my tea.

After an intense massage, I’d highly recommend taking some time in the steam room after — it really helps to loosen your muscles and helps to de-stress even further!

The pool and skylit terrace

One of the additional benefits of the Four Seasons Toronto, is their excellent pool and spa facilities available to guests.

As well as a 43x18ft pool, there’s also a separate pool for young children and a decent-sized Jacuzzi style hot tub.

The skylit terrace is perfect for soaking up the Canadian summer sunshine, and with pretty views overlooking the city to match.

The sweet-smelling treats

Once you’ve completely tried everything this divine spa has to offer, it’s time to shower and head out. Sweet-smelling treats await in the shower area, with the hotel’s own blend of natural shampoos, conditioners and organic body wash.

My absolutely favourite thing is the Pure Eucalyptus Showerspa Mist. A few spritz of this invigorating and delectable mist on the wall releases a heavenly scented steam, recreating the feeling of a spa. It’ll come as no surprise that I ended up buying one after at the spa boutique to try and have the same feeling at home!

Luxury experience in Vienna - Kunsthistorisches Museum

“Guests truly don’t go without anything at Four Seasons Toronto, and though the price tag is far from cheap, you certainly get much more than you’d expect.”


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