A massage at the Brehon Hotel Killarney Spa


Most people ask why I enjoy spas so much, and it’s places like the Brehon Hotel Killarney spa that I use to explain why.

After a busy day of traveling, the Brehon Killarney is the coziest welcome to this gorgeous Irish town. After checking in, I was keen to change into the fluffy robe and slippers, and get down to the lower ground floor. This is where the hotel’s spa is located. Taking its name from the Angsana tree in Malaysia, you won’t be surprised to read that the spa is full of eastern influence. From the zen-like feel that greets you at the door to the treatment itself, you’re guaranteed to leave feeling completely relaxed. 

What to expect at the Brehon Hotel Killarney Spa

Before your treatment begins, take a moment to relax in the aptly named Relaxation Room. Five lounge beds in a low soft light beckon you through its doors, and a calm atmosphere. Needless to say, there’s no talking here, though there’s no official sign. Just take a note from fellow spa guests and enjoy the quiet, all the while underneath a cosy blanket.

The hotel’s within walking distance to the main attractions in Killarney, making it ideal to take in a tour. Enjoy the warmth and humor of your very own local guide and in the company of like-minded people!



The massage

My therapist was a delightfully friendly lady called Em. I think she’s Thai, but not 100% sure not don’t quote me on that! Wholly professional, Em led me to the treatment room, and asked me about any problem areas. 

Once the massage began. I knew straight away it was going to be good. If you want to know the sign of a good therapist, see if they meet these requirements:

  • They ask sufficient questions before, during and after the massage
  • Are attentive to your needs and make you feel relaxed
  • Have a good technique, which they show through firm strokes and right level of pressure
  • They always make sure the client is warm.

I could tell straight away that Em was highly skilled in the art of massage. Using a blend of ayurvedic oils, she worked on smoothing out the knots in problem areas. By the end of the 30 minutes, I was gently awoken by the chime of a bell: the massage was sadly over.

Luxury experience in Vienna - Vienna State Opera
Luxury experience in Vienna - Vienna State Opera

“I couldn’t get enough of the sumptuous ginger tea that comes in an eastern style teapot.”


Luxury experience in Vienna - Burggarten
Luxury experience in Vienna - Burggarten

The experience 

After the massage ends, you’re taken back to the relaxation room for some more down time. Once settled in your lounge chair, you’re brought a tray full of goodies. I couldn’t get enough of the sumptuous ginger tea that comes in an eastern style teapot. Packed full of antioxidants with a teaspoon a bit of honey, it’s the perfect way to end the treatment. 

Don’t forget to try…

The Brehon Hotel Killarney Spa also has a generous sized pool, with separate areas with the powerful jet sprays. While there, take advantage of the herb sauna and the crystal steam room. If you want to make your spa experience that more memorable, be brave and try the cold plunge pool, ice fountain and the Kubelducshe. Yes, this is the where ice cold water falls from the bucket above drenching every particle of your body!

One treatment I do highly recommend is the foot bath. Treat your behind to the heated bench and give your tootsies a well-deserved soak from shoes and socks. Don’t forget to add the epsom salts to the water — you’ll find them in the little white bags on the side.


How would I rate the Brehon Hotel Killarney Angsana Spa?

My time at the Angsana Spa, though brief, is one I’d absolutely love to repeat. The staff were nothing but welcoming, especially the spa supervisor, my therapist Em, and staff member Heather. She was incredibly helpful in telling me about the facilities, and even in assisting me with my photos! For that, I’m forever grateful.

Have you ever been to the Brehon Hotel Killarney Spa? If so, what treatment did you have? 

Looking for somewhere local to stay? You’re in luck as the Brehon Hotel is just above! It’s a 4-star hotel with generous rooms, excellent dining and in a picturesque location.

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Luxury experience in Vienna - Kunsthistorisches Museum

“My time at the Angsana Spa, though brief, is one I’d absolutely love to repeat.”


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