Luxury travel blankets

Perfect for travelers and homebodies

Luxury travel blankets for home and away

If there’s one thing I can’t stand during air travel, it’s the cold air conditioning they have on some planes. I get that it’s a necessary part of some flights, but it doesn’t make for a comfortable journey. The blankets they give you on board help to an extent, but they’re there for function, not quality.

100% luxury cashmere travel blanket

My long-haul flight to New York was the perfect opportunity to try out my luxury travel blanket. Made from 100% cashmere and handmade in Scotland, it’s not cheap, but the quality is worth every penny. Cashmere’s one of those fabrics that’s not only super soft and durable, but it also keeps you extremely warm. The amount of time I’ve use it justifies the cost. It’s useful for flights, in the car, day trips, plus it makes a great sofa companion too!

The blanket measures 88x165cm and is lightweight in feel. In fact, with a decent size cabin luggage, it fits in quite nicely. Choose from 3 colors: black, light natural and light grey. It’ll be a cozy accompaniment for those winter evenings in the Dolomiti at Christmas.

The 4-in1 travel blanket

If, like my dad, cashmere isn’t for you, this one from Travelrest is a great alternative travel blanket. It wards off chills with its poncho style design, and also doubles up as a pillow. There’s no danger of slippage with this wearable blanket, which you can use while traveling or at home. Whether you feel like taking a nap, want to read, or watch a film, the Travelrest stays in place.


luxury travel blankets


While its name has ‘4-in-1’ in the title, I only counted 3! As well as a blanket, the Travelrest is also a pillow and ideal for lumbar support. The fourth perk may be the built-in carry case, which makes it a breeze to travel with.

This throw blanket zips up in its own pocket and stows for easy travel. The Travelrest 38 x 60in size folds up into 10 x 13in when in its own pouch. It’s easy to keep clean thanks to the drawstring sack that comes with the blanket, and is lightweight too. Warm to the touch and silky in feel, this blanket is sure to become a longtime traveling staple.

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