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(Updated Oct 2020)

Halloween in Italy isn’t as celebrated as in other countries.

While you may see some ghoulish décor around, and some kids dressed up, it’s nothing compared to other places. However, these haunted Italian castles exist beyond Halloween, and are guaranteed to send a shiver up your spine.

The most haunted Italian castles — Halloween in Italy

1. Castello di Visconteo, Trezzo sull’Adda, Milan

Visconti Castle (Castello di Visconteo) is a castle in Trezzo sull’Adda, a commune in Milan.

It was built in the 14th century by Bernabò Visconti, who was Lord of Milan at the time. Visconti’s nephew, Gian Galeazzo, had his uncle removed from power, and seized the castle in 1385. Visconti was imprisoned, and died a few months later from poisoning.


Halloween in Italy - Castello Visconteo

Castello Visconteo, would you visit on Halloween?


There have been several mysterious sightings of paranormal activity surrounding the castle.

In 1973, German tourists camping on the castle grounds reported seeing a ‘group of soldiers’ carrying torches and wearing helmets. And in 2004, an SLR camera captured an image resembling a knight in armor, said to be Bernabò Visconti.

While there’s been no recent viscount or soldier sightings, this is one castle you should visit at your own peril….

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2. Castello di Montebello, Rimini

Combine a well-known tale with a historic castle in north-west Italy, and you’ve Castello di Montebello.

To its credit, the story’s probably more known than the castle. Castello di Montebello is a 14th century hilltop fortress in the province of Rimini.

The area itself is full of natural beauty, with panoramic views across the valleys. There are also a number of guided tours if you want to discover the region beyond the castle.

The story behind the castle — Halloween in Italy

The castle’s most infamous story is the unsolved disappearance of the owner’s daughter, Azzurina. The young daughter of the lord of the castle was playing inside the house, and was prohibited from going outside.

She was said to have blue eyes and blue hair, hence the name Azzurina, meaning ‘little blue one’.

On the day of the summer solstice in June, her father came looking for her, but no-one could find her. The story becomes a slight blur from here, as it seems Azzurina disappeared after chasing after her ball that day.

Though the story remains unsolved, there have been recordings of a young girl every five years during the summer solstice. We may never know what happened to Azzurina, but it seems her spirit has never left Castello di Montebello.

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Halloween in Italy | 7 most haunted castles and palaces 1

Spend Halloween in Italy at Castello di Montebello

3. Castello di Bardi, Parma

Sitting high on an outcrop of red jasper, the fort surrounding Bardi Castle (Castello di Bardi) is a tremendous sight. It’s an impressive example of medieval architecture in Parma with a tragic tale behind its history.

Inside is a small museum showing tools that the locals used, which date back to 19th and early 20th century. The interior of the castle still maintains its Gothic style ceilings and wall paintings. In the courtyard, you’ll see the remains of the chapel that the princes built many centuries ago.

The story’s almost reminiscent of Romeo and Juliet.

A young soldier and nobleman’s daughter fall in love, but their relationship’s forbidden because of her family and class.

When he goes to war, she awaits his return but weeks later, sees enemy soldiers carrying a victory flag when approaching the castle.

Believing her beloved has died in battle, she throws herself off the high castle and dies on impact. Unbeknownst to her, he’s alive, but he also jumps from the castle upon finding out what happened.

Since then, there’s been sightings of the ghost of the young soldier wandering the castle looking for his lover.

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Halloween in Italy | 7 most haunted castles and palaces 2

Castello di Bardi

4. Castello di Poppi, Poppi

Poppi Castle (Castello di Poppi) was the former property of the noble family of the Conti Guidi. You can find this striking castle in Poppi, which is in the region of Tuscany.

There are many design aspects in the castle that shows off its Renaissance style, like the grand stone staircase. Built in 1470, it was covered with the coats of arms of the Florentine families that ruled from Poppi in the 15th and 16th centuries.

For the purpose of this post, its tower is the center of this haunted tale.

Countess Guidi, Matelda, was the most beautiful, and sought-after woman in Poppi. Her husband, Conti Guidi, was much older than his bride, and would punish anyone who’d even look at her.


Halloween in Italy - Castello di Poppi

Castello di Poppi and its haunted tower


A doomed affair — Halloween in Italy

When the Count was away on military or political commitments, Matelda took the opportunity to take new lovers. The only problem was, she couldn’t let anyone find out about her clandestine relationships. It would risk ending her prosperous marriage, and potentially her own life.

To maintain her double life, she’d see her lovers, and then tell them to leave via a passage in the basement. What she didn’t tell them, was there were spikes and blades awaiting them in the dark tunnel. Inevitably, her lovers met their tragic fate, and paid the price for their moment of lust.

The townspeople soon began linking her to the deaths, and Matelda was eventually caught and put in the tower. Since then, many locals have reported seeing a beautiful woman dressed in white looking out from the castle.

If you want to find out whether the sightings are true, you’ll have to go and visit for yourself….

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“…these haunted Italian castles and palaces exist beyond Halloween, and are guaranteed to send a shiver up your spine.”

5. Castello di Fénis, Aosta Valley

Fénis Castle (Castello di Fénis) is one of the most famous medieval structures in the Aosta Valley. It’s located in the town of Fenis, in a mountainous autonomous region in north-west Italy.

With its many grand towers, it’s easy to see why this castle is a popular attraction.

The castle has had many owners, including the Viscounts of Aosta and architect Alfred d’Andrade. Today, it’s owned by the Autonomous Region Aosta Valley, which has turned the castle into a museum.

Unlike the castles mentioned so far, Castello di Fénis doesn’t have a spooky story behind its history. What it does have is umpteen reports of visitors hearing strange noises and footsteps. More strangely, it usually comes from the castle’s upper floor — an area not open to visitors.

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Halloween in Italy | 7 most haunted castles and palaces 3

Castello di Fenis

6. Castello di Moncalieri, Piedmont

This medieval castle in Turin is probably one of the most haunted places in Italy. Castello di Moncalieri is in Piedmont, northern Italy.

It’s a short distance from the center of Turin, and is surrounded by vines and elegant gardens. Its royal residents over the years have included Queen Marie Adelaïde and princesses Clotilde and Laetitia from the House of Savoy.

Strange sightings — Halloween in Italy

Like Castello di Fénis, there doesn’t appear to be a legend behind the castle’s haunted reputation. However, the list of sightings and recordings of paranormal activity makes this the spookiest place to spend Halloween in Italy.

Sightings have included: an armored knight on his horse, a monk dressed in the style of the crusades, and a Cardinal reading his book.

Given its noble residents, it’s not surprising that there’s also been report of knights and ladies haunting the castle grounds.

If you’re curious to check this castle out for yourself, you’re in luck. There are guided tours to the castle, but check the website before visiting, for the most up-to-date information.

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Halloween in Italy | 7 most haunted castles and palaces 4

Castello di Moncalieri

7. Ca’ Dario, Venice

The last one isn’t technically a castle, but its creepy history makes Ca’ Dario (Palazzo Dario) a worthy contender.

Amidst the beauty and awe of Venice, is this haunted palace with an eerie past. Ca’ Dario is located between Palazzo Barbaro Wolkoff and the narrow Rio delle Torreselle on the Grand Canal.

Architecturally, it also looks quite out of place. The castle was first built in a floral Venetian Gothic style, then later renovated after 1486 in a Renaissance-style.

Strange occurrences — Halloween in Italy

The first owner was Giovanni Dario, Secretary to the Venetian Senate, diplomat, and merchant.

He lived at Ca’ Dario with his family, but tales of tragedy and death plagued the palace. Two of Dario’s own children are said to have died there, with the last tragedy recorded as recently as 1993.

People that have owned the palace or stayed for more than 20 days, died of illnesses, or committed suicide or murder. The last 2 instances reported were due to bankruptcy. However, this still doesn’t sway me to want to spend a night at Ca’ Dario.

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Halloween in Italy | 7 most haunted castles and palaces 5

The spooky Ca’ Dario in Venice

Have I sufficiently scared you with this post? Which of these haunted Italian castles would you like, or not like, to visit? Let me know in the comments below.

Till next time, happy, not scary, travels….

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3 historic castles - Halloween in Italy
3 castles in Italy - Halloween in Italy
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