Luxury travel pillows

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Luxury travel pillows

How well do you sleep when you’re on the move? Sadly, I’m that traveler who always finds it difficult to sleep, especially on flights. Sitting upright — and in a limited space — for a lengthy period of time, only adds to the discomfort. Since I’ve not quite made it to first class, I find that luxury travel pillows work wonders for me.

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Travel pillows have been around for a while, but they’re as popular as ever and a travel staple. Improved material and better design means the competition’s fiercer than before, and this also applies to the prices too. The following travel pillows are an investment that your neck, and general well-being, will thank you for.  


Luxury travel pillows - TRLT grey


The travel pillow with the science

The Trtl travel pillow may look like a wraparound scarf, but there’s more than meets the eye to this product. It has an ingenious internal structure that’s scientifically proven to give ergonomic support. Wear it on any side — even the front — it fits any neck shape and jaw, and is ideal for adults.

For children aged 3 to 8, there’s an alternative children’s travel pillow that’ll support your little travelers while sleeping. The BCOZZY travel pillow supports the head, chin and neck, comes in a range of colors, and is perfect for holidays.

Its unique design is lightweight, weighing only 136g, and the fleece/polyester material’s machine washable too. It measures 7.5×7.5cm in length and 37.5mm in width, and you can even tie it to your carry-on bag. Say goodbye to the days of drifting off to sleep on someone else’s shoulders! The Trtl pillow works brilliantly as a neck rest and comes in 4 colors. The material’s soft and flexible, machine washable, and you can also use it for those long road trips!

The memory foam luxury travel pillow

This travel pillow from Wuku Tree is a luxury, and affordable, choice. It has a medium firmness, which I like, supports the neck and its design ensures a good rest. There’s a clip at either end that keeps it securely in place, which also doubles up as a handle.


Travel pillow


For me, however, the key feature is the memory foam. I cannot stress enough how comfortable this is, and it makes a great companion on the road and also at home. It comes in a classic grey color, which is perfect for disguising any marks you pick up on the road. What’s more, the velour cover’s easy to clean and machine washable too.

It measures at 30x30x11cm and it weighs 250g. The fit’s perfect on me, (petite), but if you have a broader neck, you may prefer the TRLT travel pillow.

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