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Hidden away in the Caminares Sur region of the Philippines is one of the most enchanting Caramoan resorts.

The 4-star Tugawe Cove Resort is the ultimate island getaway in one of the country’s most immaculate peninsulas.

This luxury eco-resort resort isn’t the easiest place to reach, but worth the 5.5-hour trip. With tranquil secret lakes, towering limestone formations, and remote beaches, relaxation is the keyword here.

An arrival unlike any other

If you travel in November, which is typically typhoon season, you may be in store for a bumpy boat ride. That said, any rain storms don’t last long, and the Philippine sunshine outlasts any bad weather.

Your arrival at Tugawe Cove Resort is unlike any other.

The boat docks right on the shore, with a tropical scene cherry-picked straight from a movie. If I close my eyes, I can still feel the warm water bathing my feet, and the sand drying it thereafter.

Your jeep awaits — Caramoan resorts

Jeeps, slightly larger in size than golf caddies, wait to take you up to the main reception. They’re a necessity, given the scorching temperatures and the elevating walk to the top. 

Along the way, look out for the wooden bungalow style rooms on either side of the path, complete with terraces. The view’s unspoiled, spectacular and relaxes you in a second.  

Tugawe Cove Resort rooms

The 32 ‘rooms’ at Tugawe Cove Resort more resemble mini bungalows.

Guests can choose between a lakeside, hillside or hilltop cabana. Depending on who you travel with, there are views to accommodate everyone.

Couples seeking a romantic retreat may prefer booking a Lakeside Casita King. Wake up to views of the lake right outside your window, and fall asleep on a king-sized bed.

Choose a lakeside room for easier access to the beach. Book the Hilltop or Hillside rooms for quicker access to the restaurant and infinity pool.

Caramoan resorts | 3 blissful nights at Tugawe Cove Resort 1

Hillside Cabana Double


Caramoan resorts | 3 blissful nights at Tugawe Cove Resort 2

The view outside


Caramoan resorts | 3 blissful nights at Tugawe Cove Resort 3

Enjoying the generous veranda


The Hilltop Casita King on the other hand is ideal for families, or even a group of friends. There are 2 king-beds, and stretching views of the surrounding greenery. 

I stayed in a Hillside Cabana Double, which is far too big for 1 person! Inside are 2 double beds, with air conditioning, separate bathroom, desk and TV. They also provide complimentary bottles of water. 

Admittedly, the bathroom’s more rustic than modern, but everything works fine. My favourite aspect of the room is definitely the veranda that embraces the entire width of the bungalow.

As long as you’re beneath the shade, it’s a great place to get some work done, or simply to relax. The bungalows are also spaced out around the resort, meaning you can really get some alone time here. Do expect a short walk, however, if you travel as a group and want to visit friends/family in other bungalows.

Caramoan resorts | 3 blissful nights at Tugawe Cove Resort 4

A pool with the best views — Caramoan resorts


Caramoan resorts | 3 blissful nights at Tugawe Cove Resort 5

Take an evening swim


Caramoan resorts | 3 blissful nights at Tugawe Cove Resort 6

The pool lit up at night

The incredible infinity pool

I go completely gaga when I see an infinity pool, and the one at Tugawe Cove Resort ticks every box.

It’s large enough to have a decent swim, and with a view that’ll keep you there from sunrise to sunset. In fact, with balmy temperatures well into the night, it’s ideal if you want to have an evening swim too. 


Caramoan resorts - Tugawe Cove Resort - Lisa in pool

Relax, from sunrise to sunset at the resort’s infinity pool


At night, a trio of colorful lights illuminate the pool giving it a totally different feel.

Choose to relax on sun loungers in, or at the side of the pool. Alternatively, you may prefer to chill out in one of the 2 mini circular pools. 

If you like your infinity pool with a drink on the side, you’ll need to order at the main bar. It also doubles up as the dining area where they serve breakfast, lunch, dinner and Filipino desserts.

There’s no waiter service at the pool, but the staff do their best to accommodate your stay. Relaxation is the keyword at Tugawe Cove Resort.

 “With tranquil secret lakes, towering limestone formations, and remote beaches, relaxation is the keyword here.”

A whole host of activities


The surrounding gardens are serene, well maintained and make for a pleasant daily stroll around the resort.

Without meaning to, you can get even get a decent workout here.

There are enough steps around the resort that your legs will feel the burn after the first day. However, you can sort out any muscle pains or stress knots by booking a massage.

Book to have it at the resort or, like me, in your room. I guarantee you’ll sleep like a baby afterwards.  


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Catch a sunset — Caramoan resorts

I always like to catch a sunset when traveling, and Tugawe Cove Resort has the perfect viewing spot.

Book a time to make the trip to the location of an empty lighthouse. From here, you can admire the awe-inspiring scenery of the islands below, and watch the colors change with the sunset.

Caramoan resorts | 3 blissful nights at Tugawe Cove Resort 7

Walk around the gardens


Go island hopping — Caramoan resorts

Being in this part of the world, it’d be crazy to miss out on going island hopping.

The Caramoan Islands are lesser known — and visited — than El Nido, but just as mesmerizing. Staff at the resort will arrange everything for you, including a guide, and picnic lunch (if you request one).

We visited 3 islands during our visit: Pitogo Bay, and Catanhawan (big and small) island.

Jaw-dropping scenery

Here, we not only laid eyes on some of the most memorable landscapes, but also learned about sustainable tourism. At the time of visiting, the boat rental cost between PHP3,500 (£53/58/$67)* to 5,000 (£75/83/$96)*.

However, check the website for the most up-to-date details.

As well as the 3 islands we visited, you can also arrange trips to the following places. Here, you can engage in bird-watching activities, or even try your hand at fishing.

  • Matukad Island. Hike on some of the island’s rock formations, and/or swim in the hidden lagoon. 
  • Sabitang Laya. Enjoy an unspoiled, and remote, island with sandy beaches all to yourself.
  • Patag Bay. Get your rock on, and climb some of the impressive formations at this bay.

Additional places of interest worth visiting include the waterfalls at Layahan and Hugsad, and the caves at Manipis and Umang.

Caramoan resorts | 3 blissful nights at Tugawe Cove Resort 8

Get on a boat and island hop


Caramoan resorts | 3 blissful nights at Tugawe Cove Resort 9

Enjoy the beach to yourself — Caramoan resorts


Beach life at Tugawe Cove Resort

Naturally, the beach is a popular feature of the resort.

Here, you can discover marine life just a few feet away from the shore by snorkeling, paddle-boarding, and also kayaking. Best thing is, you can do this at no additional cost.

If you visit during the new moon (January), you may also be lucky to see some bioluminescent plankton floating around. 

The final word

Of the many beach resorts I’ve been to during my travels, I’ll never forget Tugawe Cove Resort.

From the excellent hospitality to the magical landscape, it’s somewhere everyone should see once in their lifetime.

What do you think of Tugawe Cove Resort? Would you like to check in here for some R&R? Leave me a comment in the section below.

Till next time, happy boutique travels x

*Prices correct at time of publishing

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Tugawe Cove Resort
Tugawe Cove Resort
Tugawe Cove Resort
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