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The Philippines has so many places that could claim the title of most romantic spot.

But, the city of Tagaytay (Ta-guy-tie) offers more than just romance; it’s also a travel destination ideal for couples.

An area full of incredible natural beauty, finding romantic things to do in Tagaytay is a breeze.

Things to do in Tagaytay — escape the heat

And speaking of the breeze, Tagaytay’s high elevation brings with it cooler temperatures.

In a country accustomed to humid tropical figures in the mid-30s, the temperature in Tagaytay is a welcome change.

Above all, a day trip to Tagaytay is the ideal date destination.

Offering picturesque views, romantic landscapes and a designated picnic area, it’s hard not to feel the romance here.

Visit for Valentine’s Day, or for a romantic getaway, these couples activities will assure plenty of quality time together.

How to get to Tagaytay from Manila

The city’s located on the island of Luzon — also known as the largest of the Philippine islands. Tagaytay is a popular day trip from Manila with the locals, and it’s easy to see why.

It’s not too far to travel by car (1.5 hours), and also gives a much-needed break from the city.

You can take a bus from Manila to Tagaytay, but it takes much longer to get there.

6 things to do in Tagaytay | a destination for romantics 1

The very romantic Taal Volcano and lake


1. Visit Taal Volcano Island

Providing the volcano remains dormant, there’s something quite romantic about admiring one — from afar.

Taal (Ta-al) Volcano sits on Volcano Island in the middle of Taal Lake, and is nothing but dreamy.

It’s also the second most active volcano in the country, the most recent occurrence happening in 2019. Thankfully, everyone living in the vicinity was evacuated and no-one was hurt.

Before this, there were 33 eruptions recorded, the majority of which were concentrated on Volcano Island.

Grab your spot  — things to do in Tagaytay 

There are several viewing spots to see views of the volcano, the number one being from Tagaytay Ridge.

Depending on the time of year you visit, you shouldn’t find crowds clamoring over the best viewing spot.

We visited in November, and met hardly anyone there. Saying that, having the view of Taal Volcano and lake to yourself is possible, as is taking uninterrupted photos.

Couples that prefer a little more adrenaline on their trips may enjoy hiking up Taal Volcano.

There are several tour companies and packages selling guided hikes, but be sure to do your research before booking.

6 things to do in Tagaytay | a destination for romantics 2

Tagaytay City from afar


 “An area full of incredible natural beauty, finding romantic things to do in Tagaytay is a breeze.”

2. Picnic with a view

When done right, having a picnic is one of the most romantic things to do in Tagaytay.

Set against the backdrop of Taal Volcano and lake, Tagaytay Picnic Grove is a picturesque spot for 2. You can hire any of the picnic huts, which could be useful if you visit during rainy season.

Activities for 2 — things to do in Tagaytay 

There are also other romantic activities on site, such as ziplining and horseback riding. While Tagaytay Picnic Grove is ideal for families and friends, couples really get the best of both worlds.

There’s a small entry fee to enter the grove, as well as for the huts and the activities.

Check the website for the most up-to-date prices, but be sure to add it to the itinerary.

6 things to do in Tagaytay | a destination for romantics 3

Take in the views of Taal Volcano Island — things to do in Tagaytay 


3. Take in some unique art at Museo Orlina

Of all the activities to do in Tagaytay, I never expected visiting a museum to be one of them.

Museo Orlina is a modern museum that houses the work of glass sculptor and Tagaytay native, Ramon Orlina.

His collection is impressive. Multi-colored glass structures adorn the bright exhibition rooms, with Taal Volcano and Lake also in the background.

What’s evident in his work, is that Orlina has an appreciation of the female form. I’ll leave it there.

A museum to see — things to do in Tagaytay 

There’s definitely a romantic element in Orlina’s approach to sculpture. Married with the large window panels allowing in plenty of natural light, Museo Orlina is an great point of interest for couples.

While there, don’t forget to also visit the rooftop and sculpture garden. The views of Tagaytay are spectacular from the top, and special from the garden too.

Entrance fee: PHP 100* (£1.48/€1.70/$1.91); students and senior citizens: PHP 80* (£1.18/£1.36/$1.53).

6 things to do in Tagaytay | a destination for romantics 4

The view from Museo Orlina — things to do in Tagaytay 


6 things to do in Tagaytay | a destination for romantics 5

Museo Orlina glass sculpture


4. Stop for lunch at Balay Dako by Antonio’s

Pulling up outside Balay Dako, I was immediately taken by the Spanish-style colonial house staring back at me.

You get the sense you’re about to enter someone’s home for lunch, rather a family-run restaurant.

In the local dialect, ‘Balay Dako’ means big house, and its motto ‘welcome home’ is something you feel throughout. A place for families and groups of friends to gather, it’s really couples that feel most special here.

What’s inside — things to do in Tagaytay

Its interior consists of the finest Philippine mahogany carved into the banisters and restaurant furniture.

Upon entering the dining room, you’ll be blown away by the view from the large paneled windows. Far-reaching views of Taal Volcano, lake and the surrounding greenery of Tagaytay envelop the restaurant.

That said, be sure to book a window table; it’s one of the most romantic things to do in Tagaytay.

On the menu

The cuisine is predominantly Filipino, but on occasion also showcases its Spanish colonial roots.

For lunch, we tried several regional dishes. These included Sinigang ng Balay, a homemade sour soup with vegetables and shrimps, and the infamous Lechon Kiwali.

This Filipino classic is crispy roast pork, but probably unlike any other you’ve tried before. And when you taste some lechon as good as that served at Balay Dako, you’ll want to return for more.

If you have room

The food’s really delicious, and filling, at Balay Dako, but I urge you to save room for dessert.

Along with Filipino classic sweets, like mango sago con leche, they also serve their very own homemade sorbet. There are 14 flavors to choose from, including lychee, avocado and oreo.

I also have to mention their excellent range of fresh fruit juices and smoothies. Being so used to the fruits we have in Europe, it was great to try all sorts of exotic varieties.

Try the mango, guanabana (custard apple) or calamansi (Philippine lime) juice or smoothie — you won’t be disappointed.

6 things to do in Tagaytay | a destination for romantics 6

Book any table by the window

5. Head to the People’s Park in the Sky

If you’ve ever wondered what it’d be like to visit an abandoned presidential palace, wonder no more.

The park was previously called Palace in the Sky.

It was the name for the mansion from the Philippines former first lady and original shoe queen, Imelda Marcos. Sitting atop Mount Sungay, the palace was to be a monument to the Marcos’.

Unfinished history — things to do in Tagaytay 

Construction of the palace was hurried to complete it in time to receive US President Ronald Reagan in 1983. However, plans were quickly halted when the president cancelled his visit, leaving the structure unfinished.

While its backstory may have a less than savory association, the People’s Park in the Sky is ideal for couples.

It’s the highest viewing point in Tagaytay, and you almost feel you’re at eye-level with the clouds above.

Rent some binoculars with your loved one, and take in unspoiled views from a higher perspective. It’s one of those locations where you can get lost in the scenery and escape the world — temporarily.

6 things to do in Tagaytay | a destination for romantics 7

Don’t let the sign put you off — things to do in Tagaytay

6. Schedule some time at Nurture Wellness Village

Nothing says couples time more than by booking some relaxation at a wellness spa.

Tagaytay’s home to several in the area, and if you’re coming from the west, it’s also reasonable in price too.

Nurture Wellness Village is one of many in Tagaytay, offering its guests a chance to unwind and also to recharge.

Away from the noise of the outside, is a peaceful tropical nirvana surrounded by wild forests and herb garden.

As well as traditional villas, the resort also has glamping on site, giving guests a true outdoors experience.

Eating well — things to do in Tagaytay

Gabriela Restaurant, the on-site restaurant, extends the wellness theme, serving up guests healthy Filipino vegetarian and also non-vegetarian meals.

The chefs source the majority of their ingredients from their own garden, ensuring 100% freshness in the meals.

However, the main attraction at Nurture Wellness Village is the spa.

Combining local and foreign massage therapies, therapists use freshly blended aromatherapy oils to have you feeling totally relaxed.

Check into one of the couples’ spa rooms, and enjoy a range of holistic treatments with your partner.

6 things to do in Tagaytay | a destination for romantics 8

Nurture Wellness Village welcome area

6 things to do in Tagaytay | a destination for romantics 9

Enjoy a couples massage at Nurture Wellness Village — things to do in Tagaytay 

6 things to do in Tagaytay | a destination for romantics 10

Nurture Wellness Village grounds

Most romantic hotels in Tagaytay

If you decide to spend longer than a day in Tagaytay, there are several luxury hotels perfect for 2.

Escala Tagaytay is a gorgeous 4-star hotel, offering 60 rooms, and an impressive swimming pool overlooking Taal Lake. The hotel’s away from the noise ensuring it’s just you, your loved one and the views.

Anya Resort is popular with all types of travelers, and you’ll understand why when you arrive.

Offering air-conditioned suites complete with marble bathrooms and also a fabulous spa, you’re guaranteed a relaxing stay here. Complimentary WiFi is available throughout the entire hotel.


Light and views — things to do in Tagaytay 

Wake up to plenty of natural light and views of Taal Volcano and lake at The Carmelence View.

Rooms here come with their own terrace, and even a hot tub, depending on your room type.

It’s little surprise the hotel’s a hit with couples seeking some alone time. The Carmelence View also has its own garden, and friendly staff on hand to advise on your stay in Tagaytay.


6 things to do in Tagaytay | a destination for romantics 11

Magnificent views at Escala Tagaytay. Photo: Escala Tagaytay

Would you like to visit Tagaytay one day with your other half? Which of these activities most appeal? Let me know in the comments below!

Till next time, happy boutique travels x

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Taal Volcano - things to do in Tagaytay
Taal Volcano - things to do in Tagaytay
Taal Volcano - things to do in Tagaytay
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