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MARCH 2019

‘Jump into the golf cart and I’ll take you to your tent!’ It was the second thing we heard after exchanging initial greetings. For our first experience glamping in Sicily, our faces lit up upon seeing the unusual mode of transportation. It wasn’t quite the phrase we were expecting to hear, but we happily obliged and hopped inside.

What is glamping?

For any readers unfamiliar with the term ‘glamping’, it basically translates to glamorous camping. This means you can fully enjoy the outdoors, and return to camp-style accommodation — just with all the mod cons.

Many glamping sites like IUTA Glamping & Farm also tend to embrace values of eco-tourism. Another example of glamping was our stay at Caravanserai Luxury Desert Camp in Merzouga, Morocco.

Luxury in nature at IUTA Glamping & Farm Sicily 1

Enjoy aperitivo overlooking the glorious green landscape

Glamping in Sicily— about IUTA Glamping & Farm

IUTA (pronounced yoo-ta) Glamping & Farm is run by Italian couple, Elena and Giulio. It’s hard to not to be immediately drawn to the both of them. Elena, vivacious, warm and engaging, well matches Giulio’s cordial and hospitable nature. There are 5 luxury lodges on the grounds, with a good distance between them to ensure a private and harmonious stay.

Their love of the outdoors, for nature and for the land is clear. Driving around the grounds, you begin to see signs of eco-friendly lifestyle and sustainable tourism. Though situated in the Sicilian countryside, you also get the feeling you’re on an African safari trip. It could have something to do with the tent structures and surrounding scenery. It’s romantic, wild and boundless.

Luxury in nature at IUTA Glamping & Farm Sicily 2

Wake up to a view like this – Glamping in Sicily


 “Though situated in the Sicilian countryside, you also get the feeling you’re on an African safari trip. It’s romantic, wild and boundless.”

Luxury lodges —​ Sicily glamping

Each luxury lodge measures 30sqm, giving more than enough space for your belongings inside. Pulling up in the golf cart, I’m instantly impressed by the outside veranda.

There are 2 wooden cushioned deck chairs that you can adjust in case you want to lie down. A table and chair set complete the look, adding the perfect touch if you want to sit outside.

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The bedroom at IUTA Glamping and Farm

Every morning, you wake up to the sound of the different species of birds chirping in the fields outside. You get to experience the closeness of nature, just from the comfort of your bed. I challenge you to feel anything but happy and at peace after a night’s sleep here.

The style of décor inside embraces both bohemian and rustic design. Many of the pieces in the tents are sourced and made in Noto; something Elena and Giulio are proud to promote. A king bed with quality linens and a mountain of pillows takes center stage. Getting a good night’s sleep at IUTA Glamping and Farm is guaranteed, as is a comfortable stay.

Additional facilities include air conditioning and heating units, complimentary WiFi, a coffee machine, and 43” flat screen TV. There’s also a mini bar and a safe to store any valuable belongings.

Luxury in nature at IUTA Glamping & Farm Sicily 3

Bright and bohemian decor ©IUTA Glamping & Farm


IUTA Glamping & Farm bathroom

If I had to re-do my bathroom right now, I’d base its design on the one at IUTA Glamping and Farm. Sleek, minimal yet functional, it has everything you need to accommodate your stay.

Two well-sized double sinks give each guest plenty of space, and also reduces the potential of any arguments happening! Indulge in the scent of nature with toiletries courtesy of Zenology.

This Dutch brand produces eco-friendly soaps, shampoos and creams without any allergenic or artificial dyes. There’s an indoor shower, and also one outdoors. It’ll come in very handy to cool off during the peak of the Sicilian summer.

Luxury in nature at IUTA Glamping & Farm Sicily 4

Two double sinks inside the bathroom ©IUTA Glamping & Farm


Glamping in Sicily — can families stay at IUTA Glamping & Farm?

Families are welcome to stay at IUTA Glamping & Farm. They can provide a folding bed for children, as well as a wooden cradle for babies. The site’s also ideal for children to go exploring the grounds and discover the sprawling surrounding nature.


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Activities at IUTA Glamping & Farm

There are plenty of things to do within the grounds of the site as well as outside. A good size swimming pool near the main house is the star attraction during the hotter months. At present, they’re about to open the new clubhouse near the pool.

Here, you’ll be able to dine, drink and relax. Keep hydrated with the complimentary water with flowers, or enjoy aperitivo with a glass of wine. The choice is yours. There’s also an indoor and outdoor area; the latter covered by a canopy to take shade from the Sicilian heat.

When the sun begins to set, take your drink of choice to the upstairs veranda. From here, you’ll see a magnificent sunset plus stretching views of the IUTA landscape and further afield.

Luxury in nature at IUTA Glamping & Farm Sicily 5

Summer’s star attraction ©IUTA Glamping & Farm

Pick your fruit at IUTA Glamping & Farm

Sicily is the home of perfectly perfumed lemons, oranges and many other fruits. There are orchards of orange and lemon trees around the grounds, from which you’re free to collect your fruit. When ready, bring them to the clubhouse, where you can make your own fresh juices.

Collect your own olive oil

You’re probably already aware of the many health benefits of good olive oil. Sicilian olive oil’s rich in flavor, taste and fragrance. It has a deep green yellowy color and tastes good in many dishes.

At IUTA Glamping and Farm, they’re organizing an initiative whereby guests can collect the oil directly from the olives. You’ll be working alongside Elena and Giulio a few hours so you can see the process of how it’s made. There’s no set time of how long you have to work; they’re relaxed about it, so you can be too.

Luxury in nature at IUTA Glamping & Farm Sicily 6

Collect your fruits and juice them!

Glamping in Sicily — yoga at IUTA Glamping & Farm

Combine the elements of exercise and the Sicilian countryside at one of their yoga retreats. Details are still to be confirmed, but Elena tells me it’ll most likely happen 4 times a year — excluding summer.

Luxury in nature at IUTA Glamping & Farm Sicily 7

Talk a walk, or a kneel, in the herb garden at IUTA Glamping & Farm

How to reach IUTA Glamping & Farm

The luxury lodges are 2km away (around 8 minutes drive) from the centre of Noto in southern Sicily. This historic centre is known for its jaw-dropping cathedral, decorated stone balconies and famous Baroque architecture.

In May, the annual flower festival comes to town, attracting droves of locals and tourists alike. The Infiorata di Noto brings in prominent artists, who line the street of Via Nicolaci with a colorful floral display.

I highly recommend hiring a car in Sicily in general. Elena and Giulio provide GPS information to ensure you arrive at the right address. IUTA Glamping and Farm is also a great location if you want to do day trips around Sicily. From its base, it’s possible to visit the cities of Siracusa, Ragusa and Taormina, as well as Mount Etna.

Luxury in nature at IUTA Glamping & Farm Sicily 8

Glamping in Sicily at ©IUTA Glamping & Farm is within your reach

A good time to visit

Noto really comes to life in late spring (late April, early May). The weather begins getting warmer, and you’ll see an abundance of produce growing everywhere.

Summer in Sicily (July/August) can get unbearably hot, and is busier too. However, saying that, it’s a beautiful time to visit, and IUTA Glamping and Farm provides a tranquil hideaway during the busy period.

What is the nearest airport to reach IUTA Glamping & Farm?

Catania Fontanarossa is the nearest international airport to reach Noto. It takes around 45 minutes — depending on traffic — to reach IUTA Glamping and Farm. You can easily hire a car at the airport.

How can I book?

You can book your stay directly on the IUTA Glamping and Farm website. Also check popular travel sites like Booking.com and HotelsCombined to check rates and availability.


What are your thoughts on glamping in Sicily? Is IUTA Glamping and Farm a place you’d like to take a loved one or the family? Leave me a comment below, I’d love to hear back.

Till next time, happy boutique travels x

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Luxury in nature at IUTA Glamping & Farm Sicily 10
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