Best travel-size bakuchiol products

A gentle alternative to retinol

Bakuchiol products you can travel with

There’s a new rising star among the beauty crowd, and its name is bakuchiol. Hard to pronounce, but is said to work wonders on the skin, I was curious to give it a try.

What is bakuchiol?

Bakuchiol comes from the leaves and seeds of the babchi herb, which grows in countries like China and India. The herb has long been used in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine given its potent effects in curing skin conditions. It’s also said to have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties; elements essential for healthy and clear skin.

In the context of skincare, bakuchiol is also much gentler on skin than retinol, or retinol-based products. It’s also good news to people with sensitive skin that want to achieve good results without any irritation. That said, the market’s seeing an increase of alternative retinol products and looking increasingly towards bakuchiol.

How do you pronounce ‘bakuchiol’?

There are 2 common ways of pronouncing bakuchiol. Some sources suggest ‘back-uh-heel’, while others say ‘buh-koo-chee-all’. Whatever way suits you, go with it. All you need to know is whether bakuchiol products actually work, and whether it’ll have the desired effect.

3 top travel-size bakuchiol products

As someone who’s been traveling quite a long time, I’m pretty savvy when it comes to packing the right clothes. The same also goes with my skincare travel products. I still like to maintain a skincare routine while traveling, plus I find there’s more time to pamper yourself.

Saying that, the bakuchiol product I’ve tried so far fits perfectly inside my travel cosmetics bag. It’s under 100ml, lightweight and does the job of keeping my skin looking healthy.

Bakuchiol products for traveling - EkoFace Babchi Oil

Bakuchiol products – EkoFace 100% Natural Babchi Face & Body Oil (budget)

I always have mixed feelings about trying out a new kid on the skincare block. Switching up skincare products is important, though sometimes I’m nervous as to how my (combination) skin will react.

This bakuchiol product from EkoFace is a great choice for first-timers to try out. It’s affordable, so you won’t feel guilty if it doesn’t work and have to discard, or give it away. The oil also comes in a handy 10ml bottle and won’t cause any problems when passing through airport security.


Benefits of EkoFace 100% Natural Babchi Face & Body Oil

Though small in size, this bakuchiol oil is 100% natural. It contains no solvents, preservatives or chemicals, and as its name suggests, can be used on the face and body.

The ingredients also help with anti-ageing and work really well on reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Bakuchiol oil can also help if you suffer from any skin conditions such as rosacea or eczema.

To use the product, apply a few drops to the targeted areas twice a day. For those with sensitive skin, it’s advised that you dilute it with a drop of coconut or sesame oil. If you’re in doubt about trying bakuchiol oil on your face, do a patch test beforehand on your forearm. Once you see there’s no reaction to the product, you can apply to your face where necessary.

Travel-size bakuchiol products – Boscia Matcha Magic Super-Antioxidant Mask (mid-range)

Botanical science comes in the form of a mud mask in this bakuchiol product from skincare brand BoBakuchiol products to take on your travels - Boscia Matcha Super Antioxidant Mask

scia. The star ingredient is Matcha green tea; a potent antioxidant that will help protect your skin from environmental damage. Matcha green tea also works to revive dull looking skin, reduces redness and absorbs any excess oils.

Boscia Matcha Magic Super-Antioxidant Mask also contains bakuchiol to promote collagen and elastin, as well as willow bark extract. This is a natural salicylic acid that helps ward off acne and any redness.

Use the spatula, or your fingers, to apply the product to your face. Wait for 15-20 minutes and gently wash off with warm water.

Other notables to add is that Matcha Magic Super-Antioxidant Mask is vegan friendly and suitable for all skin types. Lastly, I’ve also to mention that at 77ml in size, this bakuchiol product is ready to travel wherever you are.


Omorovicza Miracle Oil – bakuchiol products (high-end)

There’s nothing I haven’t tried from Omorovicza that hasn’t left my skin feeling supple and visibly radiant. This luxury skincare brand from Hungary replicates the effects of the healing waters from the thermal baths in Budapest. The result is a range of skincare products suitable for every skin type.

Bakuchiol products for travel - Omorovicza Miracle Facial Oil

Friends ask me why I regularly use a facial oil, to which I always give 2 answers. The first is that I can see the benefits on my skin, and the second is that it smells good! Omorovicza Miracle Oil contains powerful yet natural ingredients that will rejuvenate your skin.

There’s of course bakuchiol that’ll help boost collagen production and help smooth out fine lines. Oil of sea buckthorn berry, rosehip, sweet almond and winged kelp extract are also added to the mix. The end result is a replenishing facial oil that will leave your skin feeling firmer and suppler.

How to use Omorovicza Miracle Oil

Apply 2 or 3 drops in the morning into your serum or moisturizer and massage evenly. Repeat the same process in the evening, this time massaging the oil before applying your moisturizer.

While Omorovicza Miracle Oil may be at the higher price point, the 30ml bottle lasts a long time. When I bought my first, it lasted for well over a year, so I would say it’s worth every cent.

Have you heard of bakuchiol before? If so, what products are you using, and are they travel sized too? Let me know in the comments below.


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