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JULY 2019

There are 2 words that make my ears shoot up like a dog on high alert: spa day. Add a mind-blowing lake to the equation and my heart starts to beat that bit faster.

Low Wood Bay Spa

We spent a long and lazy afternoon at The Spa at Low Wood Bay during our Lake District break. It’s the perfect anecdote after a day of walking and hiking the hills around the national park.

A boutique spa hotel with views overlooking Lake Windermere, Low Wood Bay Resort & Spa is in a picture-perfect location. Indoor and outdoor wellness facilities rejuvenate the body as well as the mind.


The Spa at Low Wood Bay isn’t your standard spa; it’s a wellness experience that connects you to nature.

Facilities at The Spa at Low Wood Bay

You feel a sense of calm the moment you enter the spa reception on the lower ground floor. Warm smiles greet you on arrival, as does the wide display of ESPA products on show. The earthy tones of the décor instantly evoke that ‘spa’ feeling, along with the aromatic perfume in the air.

The thermal journey at Low Wood Bay Spa

After changing into our super soft robe and slippers, we began our spa thermal journey. This is 3 hours of pure relaxation, where you get to experience all the indoor and outdoor thermal facilities.

The journey includes:

  • Use of the indoor and outdoor thermal spa facilities, and
  • Robe and slippers for the day.
  • There are also optional extras that you can add to your spa experience, like an afternoon tea or lunch. 
A lakeside wellness experience at The Spa at Low Wood Bay 1

The inviting reception area at Low Wood Bay Spa ©Low Wood Bay


Indoor thermal facilities at Low Wood Bay Spa

Dry salt room

There are over 84 pure salt bricks containing different minerals rich in iron and magnesium in the dry salt room. It’s said that salt has healing properties for respiratory and skin conditions, and can also aid a good night’s sleep. Spend at least 10 minutes in here, and breath in all the goodness.

Coconut steam room

Awaken your senses with the aroma of freshly cut coconuts in this steam room. The health benefits of steam include:

  • tension and stress relief
  • removal of toxins,
  • encouraging clear and even-toned skin, and
  • improved circulation.

They advise to spend 10 minutes at a time in the coconut steam room. Truthfully, I could barely handle 2 as it was just too stifling for me. Still, you should try it for yourself, you may love it!

A lakeside wellness experience at The Spa at Low Wood Bay 2

Low Wood Bay Spa: Your thermal journey includes time in the Dry Salt Room and the Coconut steam room ©Low Wood Bay


 “The Spa at Low Wood Bay isn’t your standard spa; it’s a wellness experience that connects you to nature.”

The herbal lounge

If I’d to choose my favorite from all 3 steam and sauna rooms, the herbal lounge comes top. My eyes lit up upon seeing the unique layout of the room. Two single, and one double, wooden swings take center stage. Pick which one takes your fancy, and relax and inhale in the healthy herbal infusion.

The temperature in the lounge is heated to 65°C (149F). While it may sound hot, it’s cooler than a regular sauna but warm enough that you’ll want to stay longer. We probably stayed longer than recommended, but it was such a treat for our muscles, and for our minds too.

Indoor pool and hot tub

It’s a blissful moment the second you dip your toes into the indoor pool. The water’s the right temperature and, while it’s not quite big enough to do laps, it’s ideal for relaxation.

At one end of the pool is a button-operated fountain. Activate this and let the thermal currents massage away your aches and stresses.

The hot tub is another treat for the body and is also part of the thermal journey. They also advise only spending 10 minutes at a time, so you don’t risk cooking yourself!

**For hygiene purposes, don’t forget to shower in between using the thermal indoor facilities.** 


A lakeside wellness experience at The Spa at Low Wood Bay 3

Perch on a swing in the herbal lounge at Low Wood Bay Spa ©Low Wood Bay


Outdoor thermal facilities at Low Wood Bay Spa

Outdoor infinity pool

Swim, bathe or relax in the heated outdoor fellside infinity pool with uninterrupted views of Lake Windermere. The submerged loungers are highly relaxing and a little addictive too!

Outside hot tub and sauna

The outdoor hot tub’s perfect for bathing as well as for enjoying some early evening star gazing. While here, you may also want to try the outdoor sauna. With panoramic windows, you can still appreciate the views from the comfort, and warmth, of the sauna.


Outdoor sauna at Low Wood Bay Spa

Far-reaching views from the outdoor sauna


The outdoor spa is open from 7am to 9pm. Resort guests and health club members have free access, and it’s also included in the spa day packages.

The Greenhouse

Before your mind swings to images of different flora and fauna, the Greenhouse is in fact the spa’s relaxation room. This is where you can lounge after your thermal journey, treatment, or simply because you feel like it.

Two larger-than-life swinging pods — big enough for 2 — sit by the window facing Lake Windermere. The material lounge beds are different from other spas, in that you can lie on them while wet.

They also serve fruits and flavored water in the Greenhouse to keep you hydrated. You can order additional food and drinks here, which the spa staff will arrange for you.

A lakeside wellness experience at The Spa at Low Wood Bay 4

Keep hydrated in The Greenhouse ©Low Wood Bay


The mud room experience at Low Wood Bay Spa

It’s fair to say that I’ve had a few unique spa experiences while on my travels. From the private hammam experience in Marrakech, to the Philippine hilot massage, they’ve each been memorable and eye-opening too.

Saying that, I’ve yet to try anything like the mud room at the Spa at Low Wood Bay. It’s a 30-minute treatment that you can share with friends, or as a couple, in your own private room. In case you’re wondering about the type of mud they use, it’s not the kind you find on a farm!

Instead, it’s natural and mineral-rich mud from the Dead Sea, which you cover yourself with from head to toe.


The Spa at Low Wood Bay - applying mud treatment

Not the type of mud you find on a farm ©Low Wood Bay


What to expect during the mud room experience

There are 3 different types of mud:

  • one for the face,
  • another for the chest, body and back, and
  • one for the legs and feet.

I should also point out that every guest gets their own set of mud — no one else has used it before!

The first step is lathering yourself with the right mud for each body part. Don’t be shy with how much you use, there’s plenty to go around. A light change in the room indicates the start of stage 2: the steam.

The steam opens the pores, with the mud working to clear away all the nasty toxins. In the meantime, the body soaks up the moisturizing natural oils and minerals.

During the treatment

In truth, I found the steam a little overbearing and had to take a breather! If you also feel the heat gets too much, there are 2 things you can do:

  1. Step out of the room. You’re still within your private suite, so don’t worry, you won’t be scaring anyone with your mud monster look! There’s a bench here where you can take a few minutes before heading back in. The staff also helpfully leave a glass of ice water here to keep you cool down and stay hydrated. 
  2. Take the hose and spray cold water on your feet. There are 4 hoses inside the mud room, which you can use if you feel too hot. They advise spraying it on your feet, so you don’t end up washing off all the mud.

The final stage is the shower. A final light change indicates it’s time to wash off. As the mud begins to wash away, your skin feels noticeably softer. The good news is, this feeling will last for a few days.

A lakeside wellness experience at The Spa at Low Wood Bay 5

The Spa at Low Wood Bay – where the mud magic happens

What treatments do they have at Low Wood Bay spa?

It’s rare for me to come across a spa menu with so many standout choices. The following’s just the tip of the iceberg of the treatments on offer.

Body treatments at Low Wood Bay Spa

Berry & Birch Classic

This is a 1-hour full body massage consisting of slow and deep techniques using Berry & Birch products. These are products made from 100% natural ingredients without any traces of synthetics, parabens or skin irritants.

Products are blended from essential oils containing vitamins, anti-oxidants and skin-nurturing ingredients, leaving skin feeling soft and nourished.

Berry & Birch Scrub Fresh

The Berry & Birch Scrub Fresh is a 60-minute Himalayan salt body scrub — how good does that sound?! The therapist first massages warm oil onto your skin, leaving it smooth and hydrated.

This is then followed by a facial cleanse, tone and exfoliation using 100% natural Berry & Birch products. The treatment ends with a facial pressure point massage, which will leave you glowing from head to toe. 

A lakeside wellness experience at The Spa at Low Wood Bay 6

Low Wood Bay Spa uses the fantastic range of ESPA products ©Low Wood Bay

ESPA Iconic Triple Treatment

The other products they use at Low Wood Bay are from ESPA. This British brand contains the purest and most natural ingredients, carefully blended by dermatologists and aromatherapists. 

Results are instantaneous, and beneficial to protecting the long-term health and beauty of your skin.

The ESPA Iconic Triple Treatment lasts for 90 minutes and targets 3 areas using the brand’s high-quality products. The first step is a back exfoliation followed by a massage with hot stones. Next, the therapist carries out a personalized facial with skin analysis. It’s finished off with a deeply relaxing scalp massage.

ESPA Body Cocoon

If your skin needs some serious TLC, I suggest trying this nourishing treatment. The ESPA Body Cocoon is an all-in-one package consisting of skin brushing, exfoliation and an algae and essential oils body wrap. It’s 1 hour of pure relaxation, with a soothing scalp massage to complete the experience.

A lakeside wellness experience at The Spa at Low Wood Bay 7

Ready for my spa day at The Spa at Low Wood Bay

Facials at Low Wood Bay Spa

Berry & Birch Ultimate Face

They’ve an impressive list of facials for guests at The Spa at Low Wood Bay. The Berry & Birch Ultimate Face is just one of many. This 75-minute treatment will renew your love affair with your own reflection.
It involves a facial cleanse, tone, steam, exfoliation and application of a botanical face mask. On top of that, you’ll also receive a face, scalp, foot, hand and arm massage.

ESPA Advanced Skin Radiance

Take your facial one level up with the ESPA Advanced Skin Radiance. This 90-minute treatment includes a deep brush cleanse, skin radiance mask and a facial massage. A second mask is then applied, which helps to lift and smoothen skin.

The final step is an application of concentrated serum, leaving your skin feeling supple and looking radiant.

Other treatments at The Spa at Low Wood Bay

Hands and feet aren’t forgotten about at Low Wood Bay Spa. There’ll be no more hiding away unkempt nails and feet after a 60-minute Berry & Birch Total Manicure and pedicure.

A lakeside wellness experience at The Spa at Low Wood Bay 8

Inside the treatment room ©Low Wood Bay

Baby on board

Pregnant ladies (and their little ones) are in for a treat with the prenatal body treatments at The Spa at Low Wood Bay. 

The Baby Berry & Birch Massage is 30 minutes of deep relaxation. Mommies-to-be first enjoy a warming foot soak, before experiencing a back and neck massage with a trained therapist.

This is suitable for pregnant women only after 3 months.

For post-pregnancy women, the ESPA Back-to-Me Massage is perfect for new moms. The 1-hour treatment includes a back exfoliation and relaxing massage, and is also great for reducing stress and stretch marks. 

The massage also targets circulation, muscle tone and post-natal muscular tension. A relaxing scalp massage rounds off the treatment. 

Treatments for men at The Spa at Low Wood Bay

Though women make up the majority of spa users, Low Wood Bay Spa doesn’t neglect its male clients. The following’s just a few pickings from what’s on offer for male guests.

The ESPA Reviver Facial is a 1-hour deep brush cleanse and exfoliation, which helps boost cell regeneration and brightens complexion. A therapist then performs a personalized facial massage, before applying a cooling and toning mask. You also get the choice of a scalp, hand or arm massage.

Indulge in a complete body treatment with the 60-minute Berry & Birch Head to Toe. It’s a back, face, scalp and feet massage that uses deep, slow techniques. This helps to release tension and aids relaxation.

The second stage of the treatment is the ‘head and toe’ part. A therapist applies a nourishing hair mask, and then moves on to wrapping feet in a moisturizing foot mask. 

A lakeside wellness experience at The Spa at Low Wood Bay 9

Men are more than welcome at ©Low Wood Bay Spa

Spa packages at Low Wood Bay

Spa packages are the first thing that catches my attention when looking at the menu. They tend to be good value for money and it’s also a chance to try a few different treatments. Low Wood Bay Spa has some excellent packages, 3 of which I want to share.

Lost in the lakes

The contents of this package are as appealing as its name. Though it’s probably more fun to do with a friend, there’s nothing wrong in going it alone. 

The Lost in the Lakes package includes:

  • A 1-hour treatment (choose from Head to Toe Massage, Himalayan Salt Body Scrub or Total Face treatment)
  • The thermal journey (3-hour use of the indoor and outdoor thermal spa facilities)
  • A 2-course lunch or afternoon tea, and
  • Robe and slippers for the day.

The Cabin Crew at The Spa at Low Wood Bay

The clue’s in the name with this next spa package. Round up your squad and enjoy a day of relaxation and pampering. 

The Cabin Crew package includes:

  • A 30-minute Express Facial or a Berry & Birch Salt and Oil Scrub
  • The thermal journey (3-hour use of the indoor and outdoor thermal spa facilities)
  • A 2-course lunch or afternoon tea, and
  • Robe and slippers for the day.
A lakeside wellness experience at The Spa at Low Wood Bay 10

Enjoy a spa day with your partner, friend, or family member ©Low Wood Bay

Couples spa day at Low Wood Bay

Book in some romantic time for 2 on The Hideaway Spa Day. It differs to the other packages in that this includes your very own private suite for 3 hours. 

The Hideaway Spa Day includes:

  • A 3-hour thermal journey
  • 90 minutes of Berry and Birch treatments for 2
  • A salt bath, and
  • A 2-course lunch or afternoon tea in the Atrium, Blue Smoke on the Bay or in the comfort of your hideaway retreat.

The Snug at Low Wood Bay Spa

There’s one place to turn to when you’re in need of an express, yet quality, treatment fix. The therapists and beauticians at The Snug sort out any manicure, pedicure, hair styling and men’s grooming dilemmas. They also do 30-minute express facials, and a range of mini massages.

It’s a relaxed and friendly environment, plus they’ve the most comfortable rustic leather chairs to lounge in.

Express treatments don’t include use of the spa facilities, unless you’ve bought it as part of a spa day experience.

A lakeside wellness experience at The Spa at Low Wood Bay 11

Get your express treatments at The Snug at ©Low Wood Bay

How to enjoy The Spa at Low Wood Bay

To get the most out of your time at the spa, there are 2 things I recommend:

  • Visit during a weekday, ideally Monday or Tuesday,
  • Arrive after 2pm.

The first one should be obvious. Many people tend to come on the weekends for birthday/wedding celebrations, meaning the likelihood of finding a busier spa.

Instead, the start of the week is when people return to work, meaning quieter spa time for you.

I also find that it’s less busy in the spa after 2pm. In my experience, many tend to arrive around 10 in the morning to start their spa day. By 2pm, they’re usually spa-ed out and ready to leave.


Additional tips on visiting Low Wood Bay Spa

  • Arrive 30 minutes prior to your first treatment. This allows enough time to check in, change, complete your therapist consultation and have a look around the spa.
  • The spa operates a prompt appointment schedule. They may have to reduce your treatment time or not honor the booking if you’re late. There will be no refund in these instances.
  • You can keep valuables in the lockers in the changing room.
  • There is WiFi and charging points available in the spa. However, you should mute your electronic devices to not disturb other guests.
  • Electronic smoking devices are not allowed within any of the inside or outside spa areas.
  • The spa provides each guest with towels, slippers and robes for their visit. You can buy the robe at the end of your visit. Hotel guests can arrive in their bedroom robe and slippers. 
A lakeside wellness experience at The Spa at Low Wood Bay 12

One spa I’d love to return to ©Low Wood Bay

The final word on Low Wood Bay Spa

Our spa day at Low Wood Bay was the icing on the cake during our Lake District short break. We found the facilities excellent and the spa clean and very well maintained. 

Couple this with an incredibly friendly and helpful staff, and it gives us another good reason to re-visit the lakes.   

Would you like to experience a day at The Spa at Low Wood Bay? Which of the treatments most appeals to you? Let me know in the comments below!

Till next time, happy boutique travels x

Disclosure: Although I was invited by The Spa at Low Wood Bay, all views expressed are my own. This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission if you click a link and purchase something that I’ve recommended. Thank you for your support.

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