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JULY 2019
(Updated October 2020)

The bus no. 166 stops immediately outside Mayfield Lavender Farm.

And when I mean right outside, it’s about 2 steps from the stop to the farm entrance. A stupendous lavender field in London, the farm welcomes hundreds of visitors through its gates each year. 

Where is Mayfield Lavender Farm?

Mayfield Lavender Farm is in Banstead, a small town in the London borough of Sutton. While the borough has ‘London’ in its name, it’s, in fact, about 15 miles away from the center.

It sits on the border between London and another county called Surrey. In short, it’s a region that lets you escape the chaos and crowds of London, if only for 1 day.

Arriving at the fields

Mayfield Lavender Farm is open to the public from June to September. From June, the lavender begins to bloom, transforming the field into a sea of glorious purple.

It’s quite a scene the second you spot the rows of lavender. Among the pink and purple hues are various groups of visitors meandering their way around the fields.

Families with young children pass by small clusters of teenagers celebrating the end of school. At the other end are the influencers, poised and ready to take the perfect Instagram shot.

A perfect purple paradise at Mayfield Lavender Farm 1

Find your space among the lavender plants


5 useful tips to know before visiting Mayfield lavender farm in London

1. Come on a weekday

If possible, visit during the week, preferably Monday or Tuesday — better yet before the school holidays start. There’s something special about experiencing the fields without many people around.

Explore up and down the aisles between the rows of lavender, being mindful not to step on them. To one side is also a wild flower garden that’s easy to miss if you don’t walk the entire grounds.

2. Arrive early

This tip ties into number 1. If you can only visit on the weekend, I advise arriving as early as possible. The farm opens from 9am to 6pm (10am in September), and as you can imagine, gets very busy, very quickly.

We arrived at 1pm, which was much later than I wanted. However, as it was a Monday, it wasn’t as hectic as if we’d visited on the weekend.

A perfect purple paradise at Mayfield Lavender Farm 2

Go for a tractor ride, or enjoy lunch at the farm’s cafe


 “Among the pink and purple hues are various groups of visitors meandering their way around the fields.”

3. Take the fastest route

There are several ways you can get to Mayfield Lavender Farm from London.

Public transport — lavender field in London

The most popular, and budget friendly, route to reach Mayfield Lavender Farm is by train and then by bus. From London Victoria, catch a direct train (33 minutes) to West Croydon station. From here, you need to get off, walk to the bus station and take the 166 bus.

The bus stop for Mayfield Lavender Farm is Oak Parks. This takes you right up to the front gate.

While this may be the most popular route for visitors, it’s also the slowest. The bus from West Croydon takes around 47 minutes, including traffic. It takes you through city centers as well as small residential roads, stopping frequently along the way.

Instead, the quickest — and best — way to reach the farm is by train and then taxi. Take the same direct train from London Victoria, but this time stay on until you arrive at Sutton. It’s about a 32-minute train ride from the center and is also a scenic ride in parts.

When you exit at Sutton station, book an Uber (taxi service) to take you to the farm. The drive’s around 12 minutes and is a far nicer option to reach the lavender fields.

By car

Parking is free at Mayfield Lavender Farm once you’ve paid the entrance fee, but there’s limited capacity. Again, weekends are the busiest times, and once the spaces are full, they’re full.

The only other option is to find another nearby independent car park — which you’ll have to pay for. Alternatively, you’ll have to come back when some spaces become vacant.

Last entry to the farm is 6pm, and you’ll need to leave before they lock up at 7pm. Enter this postcode into your GPS if you plan on visiting by car: SM7 3JA.


A perfect purple paradise at Mayfield Lavender Farm 3

Enjoying the entirety of the lavender fields


4. Bring a sunhat and wear sunscreen

England and good weather don’t usually go hand in hand, but come summertime, the weather can be surprisingly good. Temperatures can hit the high 20s (C) or even 30s, matching those you find in Italy or Spain.

Saying that, it’s advisable to be prepared when you visit the lavender field in London.

  • Bring a good sunhat to protect your head from the strong sun, and
  • Wear a good factor SPF sunscreen.

You should also bring a bottle of water, and an umbrella too. This still is England after all!

A perfect purple paradise at Mayfield Lavender Farm 4

Lavender field in London – don’t forget to bring your hat!


5. Leave the picnic at home

To put it simply, they don’t allow picnics on the farm. Unfortunately, they had a growing issue of visitors leaving their trash around, so they now no longer permit them.

Similarly, they also ask that you don’t bring, or eat, your own food to the farm. Again, the staff experienced problems with people not clearing up their waste after eating. That said, the only place you can take food while at Mayfield Lavender Farm is from the café.

Be mindful — lavender field in London

To say it’s a shame is an understatement. We should all be mindful of encouraging zero waste travel whether we’re in the Bahamas, or closer to home.

The farm provides recycling bins by the seating area and encourages their visitors to use them.

A perfect purple paradise at Mayfield Lavender Farm 5

Rows of purple and pink hues at Mayfield Lavender Farm near London

Facilities at Mayfield Lavender Farm

As mentioned above, there are 2 places where you can get food and drinks at Mayfield Lavender Farm. They are:

  • The café that sells hot food and sandwiches, and
  • The caravan style stall that sells hot and cold drinks, waffles and cookies.

Other treats also worth mentioning are the ice cream and the drool-worthy lavender cream tea.

As the season begins to get busier, so do the lines for food and drink. We decided to take something at the caravan stall instead of waiting out the long line for hot food.

Once you’ve got your order, head to the wooden tables, take a seat and inhale in the glorious view ahead.

Shop at Mayfield Lavender Farm — lavender field in London

Take home memories of your day at the lavender field in London by buying something from the farm shop.

They sell an array of lavender products, from the plant itself to some fragrant lavender cookies.


There’s not much I can say about the bathroom facilities other than this: bring hand sanitizer and extra tissues. The farm sits on the Metropolitan Green Belt of London, meaning they can’t build any permanent buildings on the land.

Instead, there are several portable toilets on site, and it can be hit or miss in terms of cleanliness. Be quick, be fast, and make good use of the outdoor sink and soap.

A perfect purple paradise at Mayfield Lavender Farm 6

Aisles of lavender at this lavender field in London

How much does it cost?

At the time of writing, entrance costs £2.50 ($3 / €2.80)  per person. They only take cash, so be ready to have some to hand. Children under the age of 16 are free to enter.

The best time to visit Mayfield Lavender Farm

By mid-July, the lavender is in full bloom and is also at its fullest and most colorful. As I mentioned earlier, if you can arrive before the school holidays begin, there will likely be less people around.

Is it worth visiting Mayfield Lavender Farm

In one word: yes! It’s a great day trip from London and an ideal place for families, couples and friends.

Have you been to a lavender field before? Would you like to visit Mayfield Lavender Farm? Let me know in the comments below.

Till next time, happy boutique travels x

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A perfect purple paradise at Mayfield Lavender Farm 7

Mayfield Lavender Farm – an ideal day trip from London

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