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What’s the first thing you look for when booking an ecotourism destination? If it’s spending time in nature, among locals and enjoying homemade produce, you may want to consider visiting Slovenia.

Though it holds the title of being the 4th smallest country in the European Union, Slovenia is big on ecotourism. And one unique industry that’s popular in Slovenia that reflects this, are its tourist farms.

Where is Slovenia?

A small country in the center of Europe, Slovenia shares borders with Croatia, Italy and Austria. It’s a leader in eco-tourism, and is commonly regarded as one of the greenest countries in the world.

Slovenia is also one of the countries with the highest levels of biodiversity in Europe. It fiercely protects its national parks, and the animals that live there.

Given this, it’s little wonder that Slovenia is a popular holiday destination. Whether it be for hiking, biking or for the adventurous foodie, there’s plenty here to captivate all types of travelers.

What are Slovenian tourist farms?

The concept of tourist farms may sound new, but in Slovenia, they’ve been around forever. Tourist farms are lodging-style accommodation that are typically located on, or are also near to, farm land. Some farmstays can be rustic and homey, while others can be more luxurious and spacious in size.

One unique feature of Slovenia tourist farms are the different types of activities on offer. Some give you the chance to roll up your sleeves and work on the farm. You could find yourself helping to feed the animals or even working with the locals on the vineyards.

Another way you can also distinguish tourist farms in Slovenia is by its facilities, and by the accommodation type. From glamping and farmhouses, to hotels and apartments, the choice is vast.

Keeping in line with Slovenia’s green theme, eco-sustainability is also a characteristic of its tourist farms. Hiring out bicycles, using 100% renewable energy and supporting the local economy are some of the features you can expect.

Going green in Slovenia: 10 of the most picturesque tourist farms 1

Staying at a Slovenia tourist farm is one way to experience rural life


Why should you stay at a tourist farm in Slovenia?

The main reason to consider staying at a Slovenian tourist farm is to experience authentic rural life. Many of the farms are surrounded by green meadows, colorful fields and lush forests.

They’re places that farmers have lived in, and have also tended to, for years. On top of this, the air’s fresh, the water’s clean and the food’s organic.

A stay at a choice Slovenian tourist farm is a treat for the senses. It means waking up to the sound of cow bells and the smell of freshly cut grass. The night skies allow the chance to gaze at a galaxy of stars — something that’s impossible in an urban jungle.

Ultimately, staying at a tourist farm’s the chance to get in touch with nature, and Slovenia has plenty to offer.

With about 800 tourist farms to choose from, picking the right one can be challenging. You not only need to think about the location, but also about the kind of activities you want to do.

Of the 800, around 391 farms offer accommodation. Some of these have wineries on site, while other farms offer places to camp.

Tourist farms in Slovenia by region — Upper Carniola

Dramatic curves and landscapes are common in this Instagramable alpine region of Slovenia. Glacial occurrences shaped the land thousands of years ago, leaving the scene the glorious sight it is today.

Upper Carniola is also where you’ll find the impressive lakes of Bled and Bohinj, high peaks, waterfalls and deep valleys.

This region provides views all the way to the Adriatic Sea from the peaks of the Julian Alps. What’s more, it’s also where you’ll find some of the cleanest water around.

Drink, fish or swim, this water’s as pure as its surrounding nature.

Going green in Slovenia: 10 of the most picturesque tourist farms 2

The Upper Carniola region’s home to the striking Bohinj Lake


“A stay at a choice Slovenian tourist farm is a treat for the senses. It means waking up to the sound of cow bells and the smell of freshly cut grass.”

Top 10 tourist farms in Slovenia

1. Tourist farm Šenkova domačija — Slovenia tourist farms

Tourist farm Šenkova domačija is a farmstay that offers accommodation and nearby activities. Located in the town of Zgornje Jezersko, it’s about 25 miles (40km) from the capital, Ljubljana.

The homestead’s said to be one of the oldest in town. An engraving of the year 1517 above the door of the main building is one indication of this.

Bled is approximately 20 miles (32km) from the farm, while Klagenfurt is 18 miles (29km) away. Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport is the nearest, and is about 12 miles (19km) from the property.


There are 2 holiday apartments that each house 4 people. Both of the apartments have 1 room with 2 separate beds, and another with a double bed, sofa-bed and kitchen. All apartments also come with complimentary WiFi.

One floor in the house is all about rest and relaxation. Here, you’ll find a Finnish sauna and massage room. You’ll also find a terrace here, which is more than ideal come summer.

At Tourist farm Šenkova domačija, they can also accommodate 20 tents on its campsite, and up to 10 camper vans. Facilities at the campsite include toilets and hot water showers, a small kitchen, tables, benches and a campfire.

A stay at Tourist farm Šenkova domačija includes views of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps and the Karawanks mountain range.

Slovenia tourist farms — eat well, live well

The farm’s big on tradition — something that comes across in its cuisine. They prepare meals that their grandmother used to make, and which also has a connection to the farm.

Head to the dining room to try delicacies such as goulash with bread dumplings, sour milk and homegrown potatoes.

The bread oven at the farm not only serves up fresh loaves, but also rustic-style pizza. Homemade plum and prune jams follow grandma’s recipe and is delicious on freshly baked bread.

Local activities at Tourist farm Šenkova domačija

Hiking’s one of the most popular activities in the area, and for good reason too. The Karawanks mountain range gives access to peaks that are reachable all year round.

Find a trail that suits your fitness level and visit sights like Goli vrh, Stegovnik or Grintovec.

Cross-country skiing is another activity that’ll fill up your days here. The nearby Ravenska Kocna Valley has 15km of prepared trails suitable for skiers of all ages and levels.

Tourist farm Šenkova domačija has skiing equipment for rent for both adults and children.


Lake Bled Autumn Sunrise - Fall in Europe

Bled, and its castle, is in the same region


2. Megušar tourist farm

Stay at a farm in one of the oldest villages in Slovenia, Stara Loka, at Megušar tourist farm.

The village is in the town of Selška Sora — which won’t mean much if you’ve never been to Slovenia. However, what you do need to know is that it has good connections to the city of Škofja Loka. Here, there are several sights to see, including the Škofja Loka castle and museum, and the Capuchin Bridge.

Accommodation at Megušar tourist farm comes in the form of modern furnished rooms and suites. Because of its scenic location, most of the rooms come with a fabulous view.

There’s plenty of freshly prepared home-cooked food, which is also healthy. Its wellness and spa center is the ideal place to unwind, relax and de-stress after a long day of activities. Book in some time at the Finnish sauna and Jacuzzi, and feel the day melt away.

Activities at Megušar — Slovenia tourist farms

Like the village where it’s located, Megušar farm also has an interesting history. Growing American blueberries and raspberries, and fruit processing — especially pressing juices — is its most important activity.

This is in addition to the farm’s other activities such as rearing livestock and growing other kinds of crops.

Given this, staying at Megušar tourist farm will most likely involve fruit picking and looking after the animals.


Going green in Slovenia: 10 of the most picturesque tourist farms 3

Visit the town of Škofja Loka when staying at Megušar tourist farm


Gorizia region — Slovenia tourist farms

A rainbow of color awaits in Slovenia’s Gorizia region. The area that borders Italy is known for its milky-green waters of the River Soča. It’s also known for being the center for adrenaline-inducing activities.

The Gorizia region is also where you can try your hand at some hiking, cycling, kayaking or even hand-gliding.

Winemaking’s also popular here, particularly in the Goriška Brda hills. Come here for a good glass of Slovenian wine, and to enjoy with far-reaching views overlooking the Adriatic Sea.

3. Pri Flandru farm

The tourist farm of Pri Flandru is a family-run farm in the peaceful and picturesque village of Zakojca. The village was once home to a famous Slovenian writer called France Bevk.

Inside and out, Pri Flandru farm is an exceptional tourist farm in Slovenia. Rooms are fully equipped, and you also get to wake up to either a mountain or a garden view.

Eating well is guaranteed here, as all meals are made from organic and home-grown produce. Indulge in the likes of prosciutto, Slovenian salamis and homemade bread.

Pri Flandru farms its own cows and pigs, as well as growing many varieties of vegetables, potatoes and fruits.

Additional facilities at the farm include free WiFi, a sun terrace and also free private parking. Everyone’s welcome here, including your furry 4-legged friends. Pri Flandru farm offers pet-friendly accommodation so everyone in the family can come along.


Kayaking in Slovenia — Slovenia tourist farms

Kayaking is one of many activities to do in this region of Slovenia


Slovenia tourist farms — a family-friendly tourist farm in Slovenia

Pri Flandru is also a great tourist farm for families with children. A playground’s nearby, along with the opportunity to visit the animals. Horse riding and carriage rides are other family-friendly activities also available at Pri Flandru.

Activities at Pri Flandru farm

Zakojca is popular for hiking, horse riding and cycling. Riding tours will take you to some of the most scenic spots in the area. Go for a hike along the forest trails or take a long leisurely stroll around the village. The rivers Idrijca and Bača are a sweet spot come summer for fishing or swimming.

Aside from the adrenaline-inducing activities, there are also cultural points of interest near to Pri Flandru. They include visiting the archaeological site at Divje Babe and the museum in Kobarid.

The capital city, Ljubljana, is approximately 43 miles (69km) from Pri Flandru. Bled is around 34 miles (55km) away and the international airport, Jože Pučnik, about 40 miles (64km).

4. Siroko farm stay — Slovenia tourist farms

Enjoy magnificent views over the Soča Valley, the Julian Alps, and the Cerkno mountain range with a stay at Siroko.

Located in a small town called Tolmin in north-west Slovenia, Siroko has mountain views, delicious food and comfortable accommodation.

This family-friendly tourist farm is a treat for the eyes, as well as for the stomach too. It’s proud of its dishes that are made using farm products. The house specialty is rolled dumplings with cottage cheese, walnuts or chocolate, yum!

Hiking and skiing are 2 of the most popular activities here, given the nearby Triglav Mountains. Siroko farm stay also have family rooms and a playground to keep the kids entertained.

As at Pri Flandru, Siroko is also pet-friendly. Complimentary WiFi and free private parking is also available on site.

Going green in Slovenia: 10 of the most picturesque tourist farms 4

Wake up views of the Julian Alps at Siroko tourist farm in Slovenia


South-east Slovenia

The largest region in the country, south-east Slovenia is home to the Pleterje Charterhouse. It’s the only functioning Carthusian monastery in Slovenia, which was founded in 1403 and completed in 1407.

Here, the monks grow and harvest their own honey, fruits and vegetables, and even make their own wine and liquor.

Alongside the monastery, this is where you can also see many old Slovenian castles — around 65 of them. The Krka and Kolpa rivers also run through the south-east of the country.

5. Žagar tourist farm

The picturesque farm of Žagar is a kilometer and a half away from the southernmost point of Slovenia.

It’s in the small village of Damelj, situated in the heart of Kolpa Natural Park. The Kolpa River is 100m from the farm, with the chance (weather permitting) to bathe in its pure waters.

There are 3 triple rooms available at Žagar tourist farm. Additional amenities include a TV, small kitchen, air conditioning and a safe.

Food’s a big deal at this tourist farm. Expect servings of steaming home-baked bread, cured meats, and suckling pig straight from a traditional open oven. Match your meal with a glass of homemade wine, or apple juice.

Activities on the farm include hiking, mountain climbing, swimming, biking, rowing and fishing. Žagar tourist farm also rents mountain bikes, canoes, and rafts to organize trips down the Kolpa River. 

The surrounding area also has several options for activities, including skiing, tennis and swimming in outdoor pools.


Kolpa river and valley — Slovenia tourist farms

Bathe in the Kolpa River, weather permitting!


6. Šeruga tourist farm

Just over an hour from Ljubljana in the town of Novo Mesto is Šeruga tourist farm. A family-run fairy-tale style cottage, this traditional Slovenian farmstay is a place where you can disconnect from everyday life.

There are 10 spacious and comfortable rooms at the farm, including the Granary Cottage that sleeps 4 guests.

Šeruga tourist farm dishes up award-winning cuisine using only the finest organic ingredients. They either make everything at home or buy it from local farmers. Their breakfast buffet includes a selection of freshly baked bread and pastries.

Things to do at Šeruga tourist farm — Slovenia tourist farms

From hiking to cycling, mountain climbing or golf, there’s plenty of things to fill up your day. Take a stroll along the stream, a walk through the woods or simply relax in the garden.

The Dolenjska region, in which the farm’s based, also makes an ideal day trip. Walk along the Krka River, or pay a visit to the Dolenjska Museum. There’s a castle in the nearby town of Žužemberk, and Trieste mountain is also another option in Gorjanci.

The staff at Šeruga tourist farm have a map to hand that highlights these must-see places.

Going green in Slovenia: 10 of the most picturesque tourist farms 5

Slovenia tourist farms — take a day trip to nature

Koroška region — Slovenia tourist farms

A simple yet stunning landscape, the Koroška region is made up of 3 valleys and 3 mountain ranges. The valleys are the Mežica, the Drava and the Mislinja. Meanwhile, the mountain ranges are the Karawanks, the Pohorje Hills and the Kamnik-Savinja Alps.

The Koroška region is where you’ll also find Mount Peca, the most easterly peak in the country at over 2,000m.

It’s possible to learn more about the mountain, and the history of mining, at the Podzemlje Pece tourist mine and museum. Along with exploring the mine, you also get the chance to try a traditional miner’s breakfast.

7. Ravnjak eco tourist farm

With a motto like ‘Farm — vacation for inspiration’, you know you’re in for a treat when you stay here. Ravnjak eco tourist farm is located near the glorious Urška Mountain. Meadows, a fruit orchard, a pond and magnificent trees surround the property, with views of the Koroška region within reach.

This family-run farm has air-conditioned apartments, a garden with a terrace, complimentary WiFi, free bikes and parking. Ravnjak eco tourist farm also has a sauna and a games room on site.

Family friendly, there’s a children’s playground along with a games room with billiards and a ping-pong table. Children under the age of 2 stay for free at the farm.


Mountains and lake — Slovenia tourist farms


Slovenia tourist farms — eating and living well at Ravnjak

Enjoy homemade meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The farm’s specialty’s steaming lamb baked in a coal-covered pot.

Spend some time in the vegetable garden, where you can help collect vegetables and help out with the gardening. They use all of the home-grown produce, herbs and spices in their dishes.

The surroundings are as organic as the food the farm produces. No chemical fertilizers are used on the flowerbeds and you drink nothing but crystal-clear water.

Things to do at Ravnjak eco tourist farm

The enveloping land provides plenty of things to do at the farm, and beyond too. Go hiking along the historic Roman path, or visit the nearby green lake called Ivarčko jezero.

Bikers can explore the country roads and forest tracks, or cycle all the way around the foot of Mount Ursula.

When winter arrives, so too does the opportunity for skiing and sledging. There are several skiing areas and centers close to Ravnjak eco tourist farm.

Going green in Slovenia: 10 of the most picturesque tourist farms 6

Go hiking up Mount Ursula from Ravnjak eco tourist farm in Slovenia

8. Lešnik Eco Tourist Farm

Away from the crowds and in the Koroška region is the superb Lešnik Eco Tourist Farm. Suitable for families with children as well as for guests with disabilities, the farm’s a place that everyone can enjoy.

The farm also prides itself in helping to preserve traditions and customs — something they pass on to their guests.

Linden trees surround the property, with a mill, chapel, 2 wells, and a herb garden also on site. The farmer’s camp is the place to socialize with your hosts and other guests. It’s also here where you can get comfortable and watch a film on the large screen projector. Complimentary WiFI is available at the camp and in the house.  

The farm’s a good base to engage in activities such as mountain biking, paragliding and also sledding and skiing. There’s a playground on site for children, along with table tennis and a volleyball court. While here, try your luck at playing one of the traditional board games made from wood.

Mealtimes at Lešnik Eco Tourist Farm — Slovenia tourist farms

The farm places an emphasis on making local delicacies using organic products. They mill the wheat on the farm, make jams, compotes and sauerkraut, and they also produce their own honey.

From using dry herbs in home-cooked dishes to the fruit to make their juices, eating well comes with the package.

Going green in Slovenia: 10 of the most picturesque tourist farms 7

Eat delicious meals made with homegrown organic products

Central Slovenia

The region that’s home to the capital Ljubljana, offers the eco-conscious traveler a wide range of farm tourism options.

Ljubljana was named the European Green Capital in 2016. Tivoli Park and the 32km ring route of the Path of Remembrance and Comradeship helped to win the coveted title.

9. Grofija tourist farm

By staying at Grofija tourist farm, you’re also staying at a place that’s a protected monument. The place holds a lot of history, with a 3,000-year-old site of an early Iron Age hillfort within walking distance.

The Grofija Tourist Farm also has a long family tradition of hospitality. There are 4 rooms available on the upper floor of the farmhouse, and a shared space with kitchenette and fridge.

Typical Slovenian dishes take center stage, featuring homemade dry-cured meats and game dishes.

The farm bakes its own bread made from wheat grown on the farm. All the fruits and vegetables also come from the garden or orchard. Grofija tourist farm serves its own red homemade wine as well as a choice of spirits.

Activities at Grofija tourist farm — Slovenia tourist farms

One of the most interesting features about the farm is that they’ve their own museum. The barn, built in 1855, was transformed into a mini museum to show guests about life on the farm.

In the surrounding area, there are several places of interest to see. They include Stična’s Monastery, which is 10 minutes on foot, and the mesmerizing Mayor’s Cave (15 minutes by car).

It’s possible to visit Grofija tourist farm without staying here, but making an appointment prior to visiting is essential.

Going green in Slovenia: 10 of the most picturesque tourist farms 8

Grofija and Šinkovc Slovenian tourist farms are in the same region as the country’s capital, Ljubljana

10. Šinkovc tourist farm

Though only an excursion farm (no accommodation), it’s absolutely worth paying a visit to Šinkovc tourist farm.

It’s best known for its homemade dry-cured meats and wholegrain bread. Tables get booked quickly here, so get the reservations in early to avoid disappointment.

During winter, they serve homemade pork and sausages, along with the Slovenian favorite of dumplings (cooked 2 ways).

These consist of ravioli-style dumplings, and also those made from boiled flour, which are then shredded and sprinkled with butter. All the ingredients to make the dishes are grown on the farm.

Other treats on the menu include cakes and pastries and homemade schnapps.

Šinkovc tourist farm is closed during Christmas and Easter so avoid trying to visit during the holidays.

What do you think of Slovenia’s tourist farms? Are they somewhere you’d like to experience? Which one most appeals to you? Let me know in the comments below.

Till next time, happy boutique travels x

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Going green in Slovenia: 10 of the most picturesque tourist farms 9
Going green in Slovenia: 10 of the most picturesque tourist farms 10
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