12 Valentine’s travel gifts for under $20

Cost-friendly and practical

Valentine’s Day gifts for travelers

The best Valentine’s Day gift I ever received was money. From my mother. When I was 13.

Fast forward some moons later, and I can report that I’ve received many non-monetary Valentine’s gifts since then.

While money’s a pretty decent Valentine’s Day gift, travel-related presents are never a bad idea. If the gift of travel for your other half is a little out of your budget right now, fear not.

I’ve put together this helpful guide to 10 fabulously cheap, yet practical, Valentine’s travel gifts. They’ll not only bring a smile to your traveler’s face, but they’ll also be able to use them too.

Scented balm stick in pink - Valentine’s Day gifts for travelers

Relax on your travels with this fragrant love balm stick

1. Scentered love aromatherapy balm stick

Let’s face it, traveling can be stressful, particularly when things don’t go to plan.

Calm your nerves and relax your senses with the Scentered love aromatherapy balm stick.

Made from shea and moringa butters, the balm also contains a 100% natural oil blend. Rose, jasmine, cedarwood and orange are just some of the scents to get you to relaxation nirvana. It’s non-greasy with a long-lasting fragrance.

Handmade in England, the love balm stick is compact and is also ideal for carrying around on your travels.

Rub a small amount onto your wrist and pulse points, inhale the fragrance and take a deep breath.
The Scentered love aromatherapy balm stick is suitable for vegetarians and is also gluten and alcohol free.

2. Scratch the World® Travel Map — Valentine’s Day gift ideas for travelers

No traveler’s living room, or bedroom, wall is complete without a Scratch the World® Travel Map.

Scratch the World Travel map

Complete the look with a Scratch the World map

This map’s extra-large in size, measuring 84x59cm, giving users the ability to scratch off the destinations they’ve already visited.

It’s a gift that’s personal to the traveler in your life, plus it’s great inspiration for their next adventure.

The Scratch the World® Travel Map is highly detailed and accurate. It features countries, cities, hill shading and state outlines on both the scratch coating and map beneath.

Printed on high-quality silk art paper with a gloss coating, it’s a beautiful, as well as a thoughtful, gift idea.

Beard kit for men with scissors and comb - Valentine’s Day gifts for travelers

Keep beards smooth and trim while traveling

3. Beard kit for men

Long-term travel doesn’t mean having to let yourself go. This excellent beard kit for men has everything they need to still look good while on the move.

The kit includes a beard shampoo, balm, oil as well as taming and trimming tools.

Along with cleansing and conditioning, the beard shampoo also helps to prevent beard dandruff. Ingredients like argan kernel oil helps to keep beards soft and strokable.

After cleaning, add a splash of the beard balm, lastly followed by the beard oil, which contains sweet almond oil.

Grooming time — Valentine’s Day gift ideas for travelers

Use the natural wood comb to keep frizzy beards at bay. The 100% boar hair brush ensures that your beardy traveler stays well-groomed.

Natural boar bristles help to distribute oil, and also improves hair texture without resulting in any irritation.

4. Personalized engraved padlock

Have you ever come across a bridge on your travels that has an orchestra of padlocks attached to its railings?

Padlock with engraved message - Valentine’s Day gifts for travelers

Engrave your love on a personalized padlock

I’ve seen several over the years, most notably in Dublin, Murcia (Spain), and more recently in Ljubljana.

These ‘love bridges’ are littered with padlocks, with names of couples usually scribbled on in black marker.

This solid brass padlock lets you leave your symbol of love in style. Add a personalized engraving of your message, and wait to see the surprise of glee on their face.

Secure your love in bold, permanent, and contrasting text, which you can also see under most light conditions. The padlock’s presented in an elegant gift box.

Attach it to a ‘love bridge’ or use it on luggage; it’s a cost-friendly way to show that you care.

5. Silicone hot water bottle — Valentine’s Day gift ideas for travelers

I know what you’re thinking: what kind of gift is a hot water bottle for Valentine’s Day?!

Pink hot water bottle and knit cover

Keep warm on your travels — Valentine’s Day gifts for travelers

However, I ask you to hear me out. This one isn’t just eco-friendly, but it’s also lightweight for taking on long-term travel, or even on camping trips.

It’s made from premium soft silicone that’s odorless and recyclable. The advanced thermoplastic means that it also holds heat longer than traditional rubber bottles.

The hot water bottle comes with a knitted cover to prevent direct contact with your skin. Don’t forget to remove this before placing it in the microwave.

You can also use it as a cold compress (leave it in the refrigerator) to place on sprains and injuries.

The silicone hot water bottle comes in blue or pink, and is suitable for children and adults.

6. Personalized holiday surprise card

So, you’ve managed to plan a surprise trip for your partner, but need an innovative way to reveal it. The travel scratch and reveal card is the answer to your dilemmas.

Travel and scratch card

Surprise them with a the gift of travel

As the name suggests, your loved one can scratch off the coating to find out where they’ll be going. Write your personalized message on the 4×6 card, and cover up the destination with the scratch-off sticker.

This Valentine’s Day gift will score major brownie points, plus you’ll also be giving them the best gift of all: travel.

7. Beard Black Shaping tool

You’ve got the beard kit, now you need a cool shape to finish off the look. Enter the beard shaping tool.

It includes a beard comb to help accurately shape and style the beard in whatever way they wish.

Beard Black shaping tool

Keep beards trim

Bring it everywhere — Valentine’s Day gift ideas for travelers

The Beard Black Shaping tool is also easily portable, and comes with a precisely designed curved and shaped edges. Here’s to looking slick while on the road.

8. Gift box of 1980s candies

Did your other half grow up, or were around, in the 1980s? If you answered yes to both questions, this could be the perfect sweet Valentine’s gift for them.

1980s retro candies

Make it a retro sweet Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day gift ideas for travelers — nostalgic love

Bring back a sense of childhood nostalgia with this gift box packed with retro candies. With around 50 sweets inside, it makes a change from the standard Valentine’s Day chocolates.

Candies from the 1980s include favorites like Hubba Bubba, Gobstoppers and Ring Pop. There’s also wacky wafers and other nostalgic candies to bring back old school memories.

9. Portable mini humidifier

Stay comfortable on your travels with this portable USB humidifier. A humidifier adds moisture to the air, and helps to prevent dryness, particularly for the skin, nose, throat, and lips.

Portable mini humidifier

Sleep well on your travels and at home

This USB humidifier has a 500ml water container and is ideal for traveling, as well as for the bedroom or home office. Portable and lightweight, the humidifier also comes with 2 mist modes.

Valentine’s Day gift ideas for travelers — moisture on the move

Spray once, and the humidifier will run for 12 hours. Press again, and it will spray (intermittently) for 18 hours.

Safe to use, the auto shut-off function will automatically turn off when the water is lower than the safe water level.

Simple to use, one button controls everything. It measures 10x7x5″ and weights 0.01oz.

10. Airplane-shaped bottle opener

Treat your traveler to a Valentine’s Day gift that’ll make them think of traveling and good times.

This novelty stainless steel bottle opener is great for use at home or on the road. The box is labelled with the words ‘our adventure begins’, hinting at the potential trips that lie ahead.

Airplane-shaped bottle opener - Valentine’s Day gifts for travelers

Open up for good times and travel inspiration

Along with the classic plane shape, the bottle opener’s also available in an antique airplane, or LOVE wording. It’s a cost-friendly, yet practical Valentine’s Day present that your traveler can take anywhere.

11. Sanctuary Spa sleep well gift set

Give the gift of good sleep while traveling with this sublime gift set from British spa brand, The Sanctuary.

Inside, are beauty treats that will ensure your traveler gets a good night’s sleep. They include a beauty sleep recovery face mask, a sleep relaxing night body butter and a signature sanctuary body wash.

An orange gift box with toiletries and eye mask

Sleep well on your travels

Good sleep in 1 box — Valentine’s Day gift ideas for travelers

The face mask is one you leave on overnight, perfect for jetlagged skin after a long flight. The body butter and bubble bath are infused with lavender and midnight flowers to help you relax before bed.

Complete the ritual by covering tired eyes with a sleep eye mask.

All products in the gift box are travel-size friendly, and are also microbead and paraben free and against animal testing.

12. Collapsible reusable straws

Keep your travels eco-friendly with these compact stainless-steel straws. Made from high-quality steel, these collapsible straws come with a keychain and aluminum case.

Safer, and also friendlier to the environment than plastic straws, it’s easy to clean and perfect for taking on trips.

Eco-friendly and portable: stainless steel straws

Eco-friendly and portable: stainless steel straws

Use the collapsible straw with any kind of drink, from coffee to fizzy drinks. There are 13 color combinations to choose from, including black rose gold and black gold.

The straws come in a pack of 2, and also includes a wire brush inside to clean the whole straw.

Are any of these cute and cheap Valentine’s Day gifts ideal for your traveler? Drop me a comment and let me know.

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