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MAY 2020

Visiting Morocco in October

If I’d to pick a favorite time of year to visit, it’d be from September to mid-November.

Fall’s a time of year when the kids are back in school, not to mention the weather’s still decent too.

Add to this the reasonable cost of flights, plus the fact that it’s low season across many destinations.

You only need to look at past travels for proof of my preference to travel during fall. Iceland, Croatia, Montenegro, Ljubljana and the Philippines are just a few places to name. 

Morocco + October = best time to visit

One country that’s ideal to visit in October is Morocco.

The north African country has impressive historic cities, rustic food markets and coastal towns to explore.

Traveling to Morocco in October has many advantages, 5 of which I’ll outline here. If it’s warm weather, fragrant food and luxury desert experiences that you’re craving for, Morocco might just be for you.

1. Great weather in Morocco in October

I don’t know about you, but I’m that person who checks the weather before even booking a trip. 

It may sound extra, but we’ve been caught out on travels before where we were totally unprepared. 

Because of its geographic location, the weather in Morocco sways towards a tropical climate. The further south you travel, the hotter and drier it is.

To give you an example, average temperatures in Marrakech and Agadir are around 21° (70°F) in the winter.

In general, temperatures can range from highs of 35° (95°F) to below zero Celsius (32°F). You’d experience such freezing temperatures in regions such as the snow-capped Atlas Mountains.

Perfect weather conditions 

During our road trip around Morocco in October, we were extremely blessed with fine weather.

It didn’t rain once, and the temperature was a pleasant 23° (73°F) during the day. I kept a light shawl with me, not because I felt cold, but more to respect the modest dress culture. 

In the coastal town of Essaouira, we were pleasantly surprised by the amount of people heading to the beach.

While we didn’t swim or sunbathe ourselves, October is still warm enough to do so. 

5 excellent reasons to visit Morocco in October 1

Perfect weather temperatures in Morocco in October


“In certain lights, the orange turns into more reddish hues, making the scene even more striking.”

2. Fewer tourists around

Another advantage of traveling to Morocco during fall is that you encounter fewer visitors. Morocco’s fourth largest city, Marrakech, is untamed, constantly moving, and incredible to explore.

While visiting in October, our hotel manager told us that we’d come at a good time.

The city was less busy than usual, and exploring the streets and the markets only reinforced his point.

Not what I expected — Morocco in October 

One place I really wanted to visit was the Jemaa el-Fnna market. The market and square are a popular attraction in Marrakech, and my ongoing fascination with markets peaked my interest.

Before going, I’d read plenty online about how busy and lively the market was. Braced and ready for some animated scenes, we went in. 

In a strange turn of events, the Jemaa el-Fnna market was nothing like I’d read about online.

There weren’t many people — locals or tourists — browsing the stalls, nor many sellers trying to sell us their goods. To give some context, we visited on a weekday at around 2pm.

Exploring the market turned out to be nothing like I’d expected. What’s more, without the tourists, we could actually see the goods on display.

5 excellent reasons to visit Morocco in October 2

Not as busy as we’d expected — Jenaa el-Fnaa market


3. Better deals on riads

When in Morocco, I urge you to book a few nights in a riad. 

These glorious buildings are traditional Moroccan homes, or if staying in the grander ones, former palaces. Inside, is usually a courtyard or an open-air garden with the building surrounding its core. 

We were lucky to stay in a few boutique riads during our trip to Morocco in October.

Riad Farnatchi in Marrakech and Riad Anata in Fes made our stay in the country even more memorable.

Grab a riad deal

Like many destinations in the low season, you’re more likely to find great deals in Morocco too.

Before arriving at Riad Anata, we’d spent a night at Palais Medina & SPA Fès in the city center. We paid about 25% less than the usual rate and got a huge room with a poolside view.

While searching, Expedia and HotelsCombined is useful, I also suggest checking directly with the hotel or riad themselves.

You may just find some special offers on their homepage that they don’t advertise anywhere else.

5 excellent reasons to visit Morocco in October 3

Traditional Moroccan style and elegance — the courtyard at Riad Farnatchi


4. The place is just for you

Traveling to Morocco in October means really getting to enjoy certain places without anyone around.

As mentioned in point no. 2, we visited several places around the country, and with hardly anyone visitors.

In the middle of nowhere — Morocco in October

The fortified village of Aït Benhaddou, is approximately 3.5 hours’ drive from Marrakech.

Also known as a ksar, the UNESCO World Heritage Site is a great example of Moroccan earthen clay architecture. 

As magnificent as the structure is, the surrounding landscape of Ouarzazate is equally enchanting. A remote and barren vista filled with orange clay buildings dotted around the dusty winding roads. 

In certain lights, the orange turns into more reddish hues, making the scene even more striking. 


Lisa at Ait Benhaddou — Morocco in October

Just you and the views at Aït Benhaddou


Arrive early at Aït Benhaddou

Though visitor numbers aren’t as high as in Marrakech, we did see a coach parked up.

Saying that, arriving early at Aït Benhaddou is a must. We arrived about 8.30am and it was the right kind of busy. Just a few sightings of visitors, but nothing overwhelming.

I’ve also to add that the temperatures hadn’t yet reached their sweltering sweaty peak.

The magical moment hits when you reach the top of Aït Benhaddou. Quiet, unspoiled and spectacular, it’s easy to find a secluded spot to take it all in.

Without hardly anyone else around, we really felt like the scene was just for us.

5 excellent reasons to visit Morocco in October 4

Even better without the crowds, Aït Benhaddou

5. Some things cost a little less 

Let’s face it, we all like to bag a bargain, and in Morocco in October, it’s possible to save on travel experiences.

In Marrakech, I tried my first ever private hammam treatment. A classic Moroccan wellness ritual, the treatment consists of a full body cleanse and a scrub.

After this was a 1-hour massage (including the head), which sent me straight into a peaceful slumber. I received a generous discount for the hammam given it was the low season.

Depending on where you go, prices can range from MAD 220 ($22 / €20 / £18) to MAD 450 ($46 / €41 / £37*).

Fine dining without the hefty price tag 

From trying the fluffiest couscous to indulging in a flaky and buttery chicken pastilla, our tastebuds were more than satisfied.

On our last night in the country’s capital, Rabat, we had a Moroccan feast at a top restaurant, Le Ziryab. 


Spa room for hammam — Morocco in October

Try a traditional private hammam for yourself



An abundant night in Rabat — Morocco in October

While the restaurant only serves a set menu, the number of dishes we received was extremely generous. 

For the amount of food for 2 people (about MAD 550 ($56 / €51 / £45)), the cost was reasonable. 

It included an assortment of Moroccan salads, savory pastries, lamb or chicken tagine, 7-vegetable couscous and a milk pastilla. For dessert, they served Moroccan pastries followed by tea or coffee.

Suffice it to say, our clothes felt a little tighter after our night of Moroccan feasting.

However, surrounded by Moroccan elegance and incredible food, Le Ziryab was the perfect way to celebrate our last night. 

5 excellent reasons to visit Morocco in October 5

Just the starters at Le Ziryab

What do you think? Would you like to visit Morocco in October? Let me know in the comments below. 

Till next time, happy boutique travels x

*source: The Culture Trip 

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission if you click a link and purchase something that I’ve recommended. Thank you for your support.

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