10 outdoors gifts for dad

Put down the novelty socks

Outdoors gifts for dad

Dads usually get a bum deal when it comes to gifts. 

From ‘no. 1 dad in the world’ mugs, to novelty socks and t-shirts, the choice can be limited.

It’s an issue I don’t have when thinking up gift ideas for my mother. My dad, however, is another story.

If you’ve also exhausted the standard dad gift list, take a look at these outdoor gifts for dads.

Affordable, practical and something your dad will actually use, you can toss aside that musical mug idea.

1. Victure wildlife camera

Capture animals in their natural habitat, and without disturbing them, with the Victure Wildlife Camera. 

With its unique camouflage design, it’s easy to hide among the foliage and snap away.

The camera also has a 16MP resolution, plus an automatic day and night sensor. In layman’s terms, this means being able to capture clear and vivid images of your favorite animals.

Great features — outdoors gifts for dad

Advanced night vision with no-glow infrared technology means you can also photograph when dark, without disturbing the animals.

If that wasn’t enough, you can also channel your inner David Attenborough by recording animals on film.

The camera comes with a clear recording function and a 1080HD video mode. 

2. Epic bike rides of the world

Get on your bike, literally or from the comfort of your armchair, with this coffee table bestseller from Lonely Planet.

Epic Bike Rides of the World lists over 200 scenic bike rides. Discover routes from the hilltops of Tuscany to the wild plains of Mongolia.

Each ride comes with a detailed guide including starting and finishing points, and advice on where to stay.

In short, it’s the perfect dad’s gift for your outdoor enthusiast.

3. Bearz Outdoors multi-purpose blanket

Big things come in small packages, as is the case with this multi-purpose outdoors blanket. 

Compact, lightweight and waterproof, this blanket from Bearz Outdoors is ideal for your outdoor-loving dad.

Its carrying pouch may look small, but it’s big enough for 2+ people to sit, or lounge comfortably.

Take it to the beach, the park, on camping trips or on lengthy treks.

The Bearz Outdoors multi-purpose blanket is durable, sandproof and something they’ll use often, whatever the weather.

4. Oumeiou beanie cap

Keep your outdoor-loving dad warm with this beanie hat that also doubles as a headlamp.

The Oumeiou beanie cap comes with a built-in removable and rechargeable LED light.

Ideal for campers, runners, hikers or even for walking the dogs, the light will brighten up to 30ft away.

It also comes with a USB port to charge the battery. This means you take it on the move and charge it in the car or on your laptop.

The light lasts for up to 4 hours if using continuously, or up to 68 hours if using intermittently. 

5. Flashlight Gloves

A great pairing with the LED beanie cap are these flashlight gloves.

Great for use in the outdoors, they’re also versatile for doing jobs around the house. 

Leave the flashlight behind as the built-in LED lights on the index finger and thumb will do the job.

Though only available in one size, the gloves come with an adjustable Velcro wrist strap to adapt accordingly.

The lights are powered by 2x CR2016 batteries (included), which are easily replaceable when they require changing. 

​6. North Face Base Camp Travel Canister

Gain easy access to your belongings in the outdoors with this useful storage bag from The North Face.

Use it to store anything from shower and shaving gels, to first aid kits and electronic devices.

The canister comes with an internal mesh pocket with zip that securely stores your items.

 An internal clip and Velcro strap lets you hang the bag and secure your belongings with ease.

Available in 7 colors, the travel canister measures 30x15x10cm and holds a 3 liter capacity. 

7. The boot buddy

Make cleaning dirty boots less of a chore with the highly practical Boot Buddy. 

Perfect for getting boots, shoes and other outdoors equipment spick and span, it’s a handy outdoors gift for dads.

Easy to use, and with no need for batteries, you can take the Boot Buddy anywhere. 

Simply fill it with water and use the scraper to get rid of the mud and dirt.

Unlock the water flow and wash away the dirt using the attached brush head.

8. Phoenix Fitness Exercise Dice

Get your dad exercising, and in the outdoors, with these fun exercise dice.

These 3 12-sided foam dice are ideal for indoor and outdoor workouts. 

Outdoors gifts for dad — follow the reps

Each dice lists a different range of exercises, according to difficult, as well as the number of reps .

The reps range from 10 to 30, and the timings are from 30 to 90 seconds. Exercises include jumping jacks, press-ups, crunches, lunge walks and squats.

​9. Sharkey 12-in-1 multi-tool

Why settle for a 2-in-1 tool when you can have 12? 

The Sharkey 12-in-1 pocket multi-tool is a great asset for your dad’s outdoor kit. Some of its functions include bottler opener, box cutter, fishing line and thread cutter. 

It also includes 6 screwdrivers, each differing in size.

Made from stainless steel, the Sharkey is compact and easily fits inside your pocket.

10. Karrong Camping Light Lantern

Light up your camping trips with this nifty little light lantern from Karrong.

It comes with a USB cable, and is easy to recharge when needed.

The lantern’s perfect for any kind of outdoor activity as it’s compact, lightweight and ideal for small spaces.

Waterproof, the light lantern comes with 4 operation modes. They include:

  • Bright flashlight lighting
  • Gear camping light
  • Warning mode
  • Gear red warning lights mode

If that wasn’t enough, the lantern also comes with a magnetic base. Attach it to any iron metal surface, or your car, and use when necessary.

The Karrong Camping Light Lantern is helpful for outdoor trips as well as for use at home as a flashlight. In brief, its uses are multi-purpose and is handy to have around.

Which of these outdoor gifts would your dad enjoy? Let me know in the comments below. 

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission if you click a link and purchase something that I’ve recommended. Thank you for your support.

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