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Speaking Italian: 5 Sicilian words and phrases you should use on the island

Minchia! Let’s learn some Sicilian lingo..

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Blue Sky Tag Challenge - sea

Blue Sky Tag Challenge – my answers to the 11 questions

My 11 answers to the Blue Sky Tag Challenge

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Five flashpacker travel beauty essentials for summer

These are the products I use when flashpacking all over the world. They’re not only compact but they actually work!

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Turning up the Carnival heat

I was ten years old when I experienced my first carnival in Notting Hill, home to Europe’s biggest street party in London. Squeezed between the many people gathered to revel in the delights, I was fascinated by the colourful floats, blinding costumes, and the...

Top five things to do in Cuba

Cuba, Cuba, Cuba! Of the many places I’ve scheduled in my itinerary this year, this island nation in the Caribbean excites me beyond belief. What it lacks in size, Cuba makes up for in its rich diverse culture, animated history and eye-catching colonial architecture....

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