Hey there, I’m Lisa.

‘A story should be remembered for its soul, and not the bells and whistles.’

I was 6 years old the first time I wrote and told my first story to my parents.

Now all the way grown up, the art of storytelling is one that’s just as special to me.

Storytelling and traveling go hand in hand, and my site’s about being able to retell my experiences, my way.

About Following the Rivera — what is a flashpacker?

Flashpackers are in short, posh backpackers. We enjoy boutique/luxury boutique hotels, glamping in the outdoors and dining on the best local food and wine.

5 things you should know about me — Following the Rivera

1. Rivera is my middle name. Rather than going down the route of choosing something travel related, I wanted to make this personal to me.

2. I spend a lot of time in Italy. Without getting too personal, Italy has become my second home country, and I return frequently.

3. I’m a homebody. For somebody that travels a fair bit, there’s nothing I love more than coming home. I guess I’m more ‘homad’ than nomad in this respect.’

About me - flashpacker traveller

4. Gelato and green peas are some of my favorite foods — just not together.

5. Japan is my dream destination. I’m fascinated by Japan, its culture, 1000% by its food and 10% by its drink (sake is strong). 

If you’d like to collaborate with this green pea and gelato lover, take a peek at my media kit.

I look forward to working with you.

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