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$100 Manila

What can you spend with $100 in Manila?

Guest blogger Gem Muzones writes about how to spend $100 in Manila.

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Gili Trawangan

Five reasons why you shouldn’t visit Gili Trawangan

Great weather, friendly people and generally a beautiful peaceful island. Why anyone would want to visit Gili T is beyond me…

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What to expect from your first trip to Jakarta

Thinking of visiting Jakarta? If so, bring a book, a tablet, anything that’ll keep you entertained in the capital’s long traffic jams

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New Year, Chinese style

I’ll never forget the first time I watched the Dragon dance as a child on top of my father’s shoulders in London’s Chinatown. The costumes, music and pageantry was spellbounding and it cemented a memorable first experience of celebrating the Chinese New Year. In spite...

Visiting Manila: a city called potential

Whenever there is a mention of Manila in the international press, it unfortunately tends to veer towards the negative. Overcrowded, polluted, with atrocious traffic and an airport that is regarded as one of the ‘world’s most hated’, the capital of the Philippines...

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