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Last updated on January 26th, 2024.

When you think of the best beaches in Italy, where’s the first place that comes to mind?

Many would likely say the south of the country — including the islands of Sicily and Sardinia. Admittedly, this would also be my first guess, simply because of its geography.

The view of Sestri Levante from above
The view of Sestri Levante from above ©Wikipedia

However, the north of Italy isn’t a stranger when it comes to its number of beaches. In Genoa, and all along the Italian Riviera of the province, are many beaches that attract locals and visitors alike.

And if the beach is your perfect idea of a vacation, keep on reading. This post will cover 30 of the best Genoa Italy beaches to visit on your travels.

Ideal for your Italy bucket list, use this post to help plan your trip to Italy.

The city of Genoa itself is full of historic sights, and several with UNESCO status. Via Giuseppe Garibaldi is the street where you’ll find over 10 ancient palaces.

It’s one of the ‘strade nuove’ (new streets) that was built by the Genovese aristocracy during the Renaissance period.

Come for culture and for the beaches

Above all, Genoa is more than its capital city. The province has plenty to offer guests in terms of culture, history and its beaches.

What’s more, it’s next door to the province of La Spezia, which is home to Cinque Terre. If you’re ready to hit the beach, grab your comfiest lounger, umbrella and let’s go.

The following beaches belong to the Province of the Metropolitan City of Genoa.

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Genoa Italy beaches

List of beaches in Genoa

Beach Mulinetto, Passeggiata Gilberto Govi

A landscape consisting of sand and pebbles, this beach is free and open to the public. It’s situated alongside the Passeggiata Gilberto Govi, a pathway for pedestrians to use.

Stone Beach, 16016 Cogoleto

An easy to access beach, though you’ve got to pay for loungers and umbrellas. Nearby activities here include, hiring a bike and exploring the surrounding vicinity.

Beach Gilberto, 16016 Cogoleto

Open to the public, and easy to reach from the main road.

Baraonde Beach, Lungomare Gilberto Govi, Cogoleto

Great service, food and more at Baraonde Beach. They’ve facilities for guests to use as well as equipment to rent.

Nearby is also a restaurant with a terrace overlooking the sea. Take advantage of the fresh seafood and the stunning views with your meal.

Thelma Beach, Via Aurelia di Levante, Cogoleto

A local beach, consisting of pebbles and sand. It’s free for the public to use, but you must bring your own supplies.

Beach with surrounding buildings in the background — Genoa Italy beaches
Visit some of the prettiest beaches like Camogli in Genoa

Map: 30 beautiful beaches in Genoa

Beach Olanda, 16011 Arenzano

This beach is very rocky, and not really ideal for sunbathing. However, nearby Bagni Pria Pulla has loungers, umbrellas, and plenty of wide, open space to bathe and swim.

Luna Rossa beach, Lungomare Olanda

Along the Lungomare Olanda is the Luna Rossa (red moon) beach. It’s a small, but sandy, stretch of beach, and there’s also a kiosk here of the same name. A stone’s — or pebble’s — throw away is Bagni Pizzo.

Everyone’s welcome

This pebble beach is pet-friendly, with umbrellas and chairs available to rent. Lifeguards are also on duty to keep an eye over swimmers.

When hunger strikes, there are nearby several places to eat. Ristorante Bagni Pizzo is a casual eatery dishing up Italian classics, while Una Terrazza sul Mare satisfies your seafood cravings.

Beach Vesima, Via Pietro Paolo Rubens, Vesima 

A free public beach, with several places to eat. Satisfy your pizza cravings at local pizza restaurant, La Spiaggia, meaning the beach.

Spiaggione VOLTRI, Passeggiata Roberto Bruzzone

A public beach with plenty of wide spaces. Used more for activities such as walking and even fishing rather than sunbathing or swimming.

More to see

Take a stroll to the scenic Passeggia a mare, Voltri. This scenic spot along the coast provides a spectacular viewing point, especially stunning at sunset. Continue walking and you’ll eventually reach Beach Voltri.

Spiaggia Multedo, Genoa

A free, though rocky, beach in the suburb of Multedo. It’s more suitable for taking a walk, going for a run, or walking the dog than standard beach activities.

Multedo beach in Genoa Italy — Genoa Italy beaches
Multedo beach in Genoa Italy — Genoa Italy beaches ©Wikipedia

Spiaggia di Boccadasse, 16146 Genoa 

A local pebble beach located in a small bay. An ideal location for sunbathing, swimming, and watching the waves of the sea roll on by.

There are a handful of surrounding places to eat, drink and leave with a full belly and a big smile.

Bocadasse beach Genoa
Colorful houses and clear waters in Boccadasse ©Wikipedia

Il Vecchio e il Mare makes sweet and savory-filled crepes, while neighboring Crueza de Ma serves up homestyle cooking. For outdoor seating and refreshing cocktails, La Strambata has you covered.

Hotels near to Spiaggia di Boccadasse

Just in case you fancy staying the night, there are a few accommodation options close by. B&B Albaro is a charming choice, offering guests bedrooms with plenty of natural light, modern furnishing and free WiFi.

Il Giardino Di Albaro is another option. More traditional in style, expect comfortable rooms and delicious breakfasts. Close to the property is a bus stop that will take you to the city center.

Spiaggia di Vernazzola, Via Bartolomeo Chighizola

Plenty of space to lounge or swim at this public beach, with clear waters. However, there are no lounge or umbrella rentals nearby, nor any restaurants and toilets. That said, come fully prepared if you plan to visit.

Spiaggia Sturla, Via del Tritone

A long stretch of sandy beach with a beautiful vista ahead.

There are several surrounding services available for food and drink, including the Blunt Beach Club and Ristorante Bagni Di Sole.

Spiaggia di Priaruggia, Via Quarto

This beach off Via Quarto offers its visitors plenty of room to bathe and swim.

It’s typically frequented by the locals, and it also has some excellent restaurants serving freshly-made pasta. For afters, head to the Gelateria Priaruggia for a scoop of creamy homemade gelato.

Spiaggia Quartara, Via Quarto 

A local beach where you’ll find local Genovese residents. Nearby is Bay Beach, a restaurant serving late-night food and outdoor seating.

Bagni Cica, Via Quarto

While Bagni Cica isn’t an actual beach, it’s popular with the locals. The rocky platform attracts many Genovese for its views and for being a place to bathe and relax.

Its formation also makes it possible to take a swim when the waters are calm.

Sea and rocks surrounded by building — Genoa Italy beaches
More than just a beach — Spiaggia di Priaruggia ©Wikipedia

Spiaggia Murcarolo, Via Angelo Gianelli  

A small pebble beach that offers a grand panorama of the gushing sea. The beach also has a bar and a shower for guests to use.

Spiaggia di Caprafico, Via Guglielmo Oberdan

A small pebble beach that gets very busy during the peak seasons. Access to the beach is only through a set of stairs, which isn’t ideal for elderly or disabled visitors. Families with strollers may also find it a bit challenging.

Spiaggia Capolungo, 16167 Genoa 

Another small pebble beach that comes to life in summer. Despite the rocks, the water’s clean and is an idyllic place to relax.

The beach is towards the end of the Passeggiata Anita Garibaldi. This promenade — about 2km — starts from the port town of Nervi and ends in Capolungo.

Maa Beach, Via Giuseppe Mazzini 

A stunning beach surrounded by colorful houses and clear blue waters. Maa Beach is surrounded by several great restaurants, including Just Peruzzi and Big Mama Srl. 

Spiaggia dell’Olivetta, 16034 Portofino

A local beach where you’ll find local Genovese residents. Nearby is Bay Beach, a restaurant serving late-night food and outdoor seating.

While its name has ‘beach’ in the title, Spiaggia dell’Olivetta is really more of a cove. Surrounded by plenty of greenery and peaceful vibes, it’s a beautiful spot to get away from the crowds.

Steps lead down to the cove, making this trip not accessible to everyone. However, if you’re in Portofino and are fit enough to do it, I highly suggest you do.

Other sights to see in Portofino

While in Portofino, you may also be keen to visit the lighthouse. Faro Punta del Coppo also doubles up as a restaurant, letting you enjoy the panoramic views with your coffee.

Where to stay in Portofino

Stay at the best central location at Eight Hotel Portofino. This 5-star hotel’s just 200 yards from the center of Portofino, offering luxury accommodation in stylish settings.

On top of that, the hotel also has a sauna and spa, and massage services available to book. There’s a shuttle service that’ll take guests to Baia Di Paraggi beach.

View of Portofino Genoa Italy
Escape the crowds at Portofino — Genoa Italy beaches

Giò e Rino Beach, Lungomare Raffaele Rossetti, Santa Margherita 

 A sandy beach suitable for all types of visitors. Services include showers, umbrella and chair rental and a sand pit for children.

Stella Beach, Via Pomaro

A quiet pebble beach near the Rapallo town of Genoa. Expect clean and clear waters — and crowds — come summer. 

Spiaggia Pubblica Pomaro, Via S. Michele

Another small beach close to Rapallo that becomes populated by locals when the weather heats up. 

Spiaggia del Silenzio, Baia del Silenzio, Sestri Levante 

Sand, sun and sea are the triple treats you can expect to find here. Umbrellas and chairs are available to rent, and there are eateries aplenty in the surrounding area.

Baia_del_silenzio sestri_levante
A beach that’s anything but quiet during the peak season, Baia del Silenzio
Come early — Genoa Italy beaches

Though its name contains the word ‘silence’, it’s nothing but once the peak summer season arrives. Most Italians like to arrive at the beach early, so if you want your spot, follow their lead.

The beach is also close to several hotels, offering guests sea views and close proximity to Spiaggia del Silenzio. The 4-star Miramare is within walking distance, as is Hotel Due Mari.

Sun Beach, Via Benedetto Brin, Sestri Levante

A sandy beach surrounded by mountains and views of the sea ahead. A short walk away is another sandy stretch of beach called Riva de Ponente.

Spiaggia Riva Trigoso, Via Cristoforo Colombo

A pebble beach that can get busy during the weekend. The beach is equipped with showers, as well as umbrellas and chairs available to rent.

Lungomare di Santa Margherita
Lungomare di Santa Margherita ©Wikipedia

Spiaggia Rena, Via Amerigo Vespucci

A mixture of stones, pebbles and dark sand make up this stretch of beach. There’s a local bar on the beach and pedal boats for hire.

Another beach not too far from Spiaggia Rena is Beach Riva Trigoso. The waves can get strong when the tide’s rough, so take caution if you choose to swim here.

Riva di Levante, 16039 Riva Trigoso

Small in size, this local beach is free for the public to use. Bring your own umbrella, chair and supplies when visiting.

There are bars and restaurants in the vicinity, but not directly on the beach.

Spiaggia La Secca, Localita la Secca, Moneglia

Small, though clean, this sandy beach is free and open to the public. It’s pretty remote, and the nearest place to get food and drinks is from Bagni La Secca Sas.

They serve good quality food and at a decent price. What’s more, it doesn’t get as crowded as other bagni.

Spiaggia Libera Deiva Marina — Genoa Italy beache
Spiaggia Libera Deiva Marina is popular come summertime ©Wikipedia

Spiaggia Libera Deiva Marina, Via Fornaci

A super sandy, and free, beach, with clean waters and spectacular vistas. Showers are available and parking spaces are also nearby.

When the seas are rough, the Bagni Stella Di Pisano Milena baths are a short walk away. The bar prepares hot and cold meals, and they also provide guests with changing rooms and showers.

Bagni in Genoa

In the province of Genoa, and across the country, you’ll frequently come across ‘bagni’. These baths or lidos are typically located on, or close to, a beach.

At a bagni, you can hire loungers and umbrellas for the beach, and can also use their swimming pool. Most bagni also have bars and restaurants to keep you watered and fed, while you can focus on relaxing.

Several bagni in Genoa worth considering include:

  • Bagni Marechiaro, Lungomare Gilberto Govi, Cogoleto
  • Bagni Sorriso, Via Lungomare Gilberto Govi, Cogoleto
  • Bagni Marinella Snc, Piazza della Chiesa, Cogoleto
  • Bagni Lido Bar, Lungomare Santa Maria, Cogoleto
  • Bagni Le Vele, Via Aurelia di Levante, Cogoleto
  • Bagni Miramare, Lungomare John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Arenzano

Attractions to see along the coast in Genoa

Molo Francesco Speca, Lungomare Gilberto Govi. A scenic point, good for photos.

Madonna Dell’Aguggia, 16158 Genoa. A statue of the Madonna of Aguggia of Vesima sits atop a rock overlooking the Ligurian Sea. She’s been the ancient patron saint of the fishermen since 1700. It’s not reachable, and for the safety of visitors, is probably better that way.

Stele Commemorativa delle Partenza di Garibaldi, Via V Maggio. The monument marks General Garibaldi’s journey from Genova to Sicily to conquer the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. The historic trip marked the start of the reunification of Italy.

Commemorative statue of Garibaldi's departure
Stele Commemorativa delle Partenza di Garibaldi — an important monument in the province ©Wikipedia

Plenty of sights to see

Scoglio dei Mille, 16147 Genoa

A scenic viewing point overlooking the sea and the commemorative statue. Capo San Rocco, Via Quarto 16148. A viewing point off Via Quarto. Come here to catch some colorful sunsets.

And we’re done. This section of the Italian Riviera has plenty more coves and inlets to explore; I’ve covered a handful. Be sure to check the hotel recommendations if you plan to stay at the beach longer than a day.

What do you think of these Genoa Italy beaches? Do any of these in Genoa catch your eye? Let me know in the comments below.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission if you click a link and purchase something that I’ve recommended. Thank you for your support.

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